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Are you manually creating documents, reports or emails because you can’t get the salesforce data you need merged properly, or it doesn’t look the way you want?

S-Docs puts an end to the wasted time and mistakes caused by copying and pasting information from Salesforce to your existing documents, forms, reports, emails and templates.

S-Docs creates sophisticated documents that improves efficiency, saves time, reduces errors and eliminates tedious work.

S-Docs is the #1 Native document generator on the Salesforce AppExchange. Because we're native, we don't host any external servers and therefore we deliver a superior product at a lower cost. Unlike our competitors, we leverage the Salesforce platform paid for by your existing Salesforce licenses. So why pay twice for infrastructure? Especially when it introduces security, reliability and performance risks. With S-Docs, you benefit from superior architecture at the lowest cost - guaranteed.

Key features


Our powerful document engine can sort, filter, group and conditionally render any Salesforce data from any object into a PDF, Word or Excel doc.


Our built-in email engine completely automates generating and sending HTML emails. It’s faster and easier to use with more security controls. It can also be configured to run via workflow or batch.


Integrated with activities, tasks, chatter, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. S-Docs can also be used with a variety of e-signature solutions. The user interface is completely integrated with the Salesforce look-and-feel.


100% Native There simply is no solution more secure or robust than a native app. S-Docs (including the Template Editor) is built on HTML5, which supports  mobile devices and browsers without the need for any downloads.


If you’re using visualforce to generate PDFs, you will find S-Docs to be far superior. S-Docs offers a graphic UI that allows for easy template changes without knowing visualforce or dealing with code deployments. Since S-Docs templates are salesforce records (not individual visualforce pages), it is much easier to manage, scale, administer, deploy and does not count against your overall salesforce code limits.


Incredibly powerful - remarkably simple. One button document creation. Open your record, choose your document template and click generate - it's that simple. Documents are immediately created and automatically added as a related list item that can be viewed, printed, emailed or linked to multiple Salesforce records. Intuitive point-and-click template editor is designed for non-programmers; No Visualforce or Apex coding is needed. Easily merge images stored within your salesforce documents folder. Installation is quick and configuration is easy.


Intelligent document storage allows you to report on document content. Flexible format options includes output to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint or HTML. Supports a large template library that can be categorized and searched. Leverages workflow, permissions and record sharing. Track document status, add comments or even chatter about documents. Supports integration with external systems such as e-signature solutions.


100% Native No third-party web services, no plug-ins, no active-x controls, and no flash files. There are no client downloads or installs. S-Docs Leverages HTML5 (so it even works on the ipad). All documents are securely created and stored within Salesforce and access is controlled by standard Salesforce permissions. You don't need to deal with Connectors or macros that can fragment your code base. Your sensitive client data is NOT sent to any third party servers for processing. This also means you are NOT vulnerable to third party system outages.

Document Engine Capabilities

  • Output formats include MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, Google Drive or direct to email as inline content
  • Merge data from multiple standard and custom objects and include multiple related list as tables. Rows can be filtered, sorted, grouped and subtotaled.
  • Conditional Rendering: Dynamically show or hide content based on data values
  • Direct SOQL feature allows unrelated data to be directly merged into template.
  • Embed Rich Text Data: Render dynamic and images such as graphs and charts
  • Add Footers, Headers and Page Numbers

Graphical Template Editor

  • Point-and-click template editor is designed for non-programmers; No Visualforce or Apex coding is needed.
  • Easily modify styles, borders, colors, page-breaks and insert data using familiar graphical editing tools rather than code
  • Gives admins control of templates
  • Include static or dynamic images such as graphs and charts
  • Flexible formatting of dates and currencies
  • Easily copy and paste content from your existing MS Word Documents