Using Headers and Footers

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Insert a header
  • Insert a footer
  • Insert a photo or logo

The S-Docs template editor supports the insertion of headers and footers. Using headers and footers creates a professional-looking document. 

You can enter any field that is available from the Variables menu. 

You can insert logos or images using the context menu.

You can also change all formatting. 

To insert a header or footer:

1. Go to the three points icon on the right-hand side of the template, just below the ribbon and click. The following text box opens:

2. Select Page Header. A space will be created at the top of the template to create the header, and a + sign will be visible.

Full formatting controls are available from the text editor.

3. Using the @ symbol keyboard shortcut, or the drag-and-drop feature, you can enter the variables you need to add to the header such as the company name, date time, etc.

The text editor features (alignment, etc.) are all available from the context menu.

4. Repeat the same process to enter a footer.

To insert your logo or image:

  1. Using the context menu, select Image
  2. Using the dots icon, you can modify this image with the following menu:

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