Upload Templates From Microsoft PowerPoint With The PPTX Feature

S-Docs enables users to efficiently upload .pptx files using the PPTX feature. Much like the DOCX feature, uploading a .pptx file allows you to import pre-existing PowerPoint templates.

Adding PPTX to the Template Format Picklist

Before we get started, we need to add the PPTX value to the Template Format picklist. To do this, navigate to Setup > Build > Create > Objects and click SDoc Template.

Within the Custom Fields & Relationships related list, click the name Template Format.

Next, scroll to the Values relate list and click New.

Write “PPTX” and click Save. PPTX is now a value on your Template Format picklist!

Generating PPTX Files Via S-Docs

Similar to generating a DOCX document, create a new S-Docs template. Click on the Template Format dropdown menu and choose PPTX.

Next, head to the Template Editor, like we would with any other template. With the PPTX feature, all you have to do is add merge fields to your PPTX document, and upload the file to Salesforce.

Let’s start by putting a merge field into our template. In the Template Editor, click Insert Field.

Select a merge field. Rather than inserting the field into the typical source code editor, you will click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste it in your PowerPoint.

You can also add related lists to PPTX templates. To do this, click Insert Related List in the template editor, choose the columns that will appear in your related list, click the Get Related List tab in the Insert Related List window, and paste the related list into the first cell of a table in your PPTX template. Type in your headers and leave a second row beneath your pasted related list code. When you generate the document, S-Docs will retain this table's formatting and add data to it.

Once you’ve pasted all the necessary merge fields and related lists into your PPTX template, save your file and return to the Template Editor. Select Choose File and upload the PowerPoint you have been working with. After selecting the file, you will see a message indicating that your file is uploading. In a matter of seconds, your template will successfully upload.

Congratulations! You can now generate your PPTX files using your S-Docs template.

Limitations of PPTX Documents in S-Docs

  • Related list tables cannot span multiple pages. You can use LIMIT and OFFSET in your SOQL query.
  • PPTX templates have a limit of approximately 10 slides when uploaded to the template editor.
Note: For information on PPTX and DOCX syntax, refer to the syntax portion of the DOCX article.

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