Restrict a Template From Being Emailed

Use Email Settings To Restrict A Template From Being Emailed

Although S-Docs will show the Email Selected Docs button by default after a document has been generated, it is possible to hide this button and disable a template's ability to be emailed. There are many reasons that an admin might want to restrict templates from being emailed; for example, if a document contains potentially sensitive information, it might be easier to avoid mistakes by taking away the email option entirely.

To accomplish this, navigate to the template editor for the template that you want to restrict from being emailed.

Next, navigate to the Email Settings tab.

Finally, check the Lock To box, and leave the To field blank. Once you click Save, the template will no longer be able to be emailed.

What The End User Will See

When the document is generated, the Email Selected Docs button will be gone.

If multiple S-Docs are generated, and some of them can be emailed, the ones that you restrict will have a lock icon.

Keep in mind that this must be done for every template you want to restrict from being emailed. If you would like to learn more about the S-Docs template editor, please visit our template editor guide and our guide to email templates in S-Docs.

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