Append Terms and Conditions to a Contract


S-Docs allows you to easily create and append a terms and conditions page (or equivalent) to your documents using the template editor. Simply open the template detail record, click the dropdown arrow on the right, and then click on the Template Editor button.

Terms And Conditions Options

Next, add your terms and conditions in the editor field where you would like them to appear in your template. If you want to display varying terms and conditions (e.g. based on territory or product) for otherwise similar documents, you can leverage the S-Docs Conditional Logic feature to add conditional logic to show/hide blocks of text. You can additionally create a separate template for your terms and conditions and insert it into this one as a merge field. This option is useful because it allows you to keep your terms and conditions in one centralized place; if you ever need to edit them, you only need to edit them once, and the changes would be reflected in all documents.

Improve Terms And Conditions Appearance

To improve how terms and conditions are rendered within your document, a page break is useful and can be easily inserted in your template by placing the cursor at the beginning of your terms section and then clicking on the page break icon (last button on the top row of the of the template editor toolbar).

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