Document Actions Framework MVP

In the fast-paced world of document management, efficiency and flexibility are paramount. To address the evolving needs of our users, we have introduced the Document Actions Framework, a feature set designed to empower users with more control over their generated documents and harness highly optimized productivity. At its core, the Document Actions Framework offers users the ability to configure specific actions to be executed automatically after documents are generated.

In this article, we delve into the MVP release of this feature, focusing on one of its key functionalities: seamless integration with external storage services. Users now have the power to configure templates to automatically send generated documents to popular external storage platforms such as Google Drive, AWS, and Sharepoint. The Document Actions provides a more optimized performance and maintains a higher level security, removing the need for, and exposure of, redirect URLs.

Document Actions require configuration of an external storage service. S-Docs currently supports file transferring to AWS, Google Drive, and Sharepoint in the context of the Document Actions framework. Use the configuration article links below to establish credentials in your org:


Add the Actions Related List to the SDTemplate Object

  1. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > SDoc Template
  2. Click: Page Layouts
  3. Click on SDoc Template Layout or select Edit from the dropdown
  4. Select Related Lists
  5. From the menu, Drag Actions to the desired location
  6. Click SaveConfiguration of the Actions Related List on the S-Doc Template Object.

Configuring Document Actions for S-Doc Templates

To access the Document Actions in the S-Docs Template record:

  • Click on the Related tab
  • Navigate to Document Actions
  • Click New

Add your configuration details in the New Document Action modal:

  • Document Action Name: Any value
  • Apex_Class: StoreInGoogleDriveAction, StoreInAWSS3Action, StoreInSharepointAction
  • Is_Asynchronous: True (Ansynchronous) / False (Synchronous)

New Document Action Configuration WindowClick Save.

The configured Document Action will now appear in the related detail in the S-Doc Template record as seen below. Documents generated from the configured template will now transfer those documents to the external storage environment as specified.

Display of the configured Document Action in the S-Doc Template record.

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