Invocable Apex Action Library for Flow Builder

The S-Docs package offers a collection of prebuilt invocable Apex actions designed to seamlessly execute the necessary SDK methods for a diverse range of use cases. This comprehensive suite of invocable actions encompass the major milestones of the document lifecycle.

By utilizing these invocable actions, users can streamline their document management processes within Salesforce, eliminating the need for extensive custom development. Whether you need to generate, distribute, or obtain signatures on documents, the S-Docs invocable actions provide a straightforward solution, enabling users to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively.

To explore the full capabilities of the S-Docs invocable Apex actions and optimize your document management workflows, refer to our comprehensive documentation and resources. With these tools at your disposal, you can enhance productivity and maximize the value of your Salesforce environment.

Invocable Action Library

Values / Output Functions

Generate Document

Output: Generated SDoc ID
Generate PDF documents from a base record from a configured S-Docs template.

Generate Documents in Batch

Output: Apex Job ID
Define multiple base record Ids and/or multiple S-Doc Template Ids to bulk generate PDFs.

Generate S-Doc With Input

Output: Generated SDoc ID
Leverage the power of Salesforce screen flows and incorporate real-time user inputs into document generation flows.

Prepare Envelope

Output: Envelope ID
Gather signature documents and supplemental materials to be included for signature execution flows.

Seal Envelope

Output: Signing Link
Finalize eSignature envelopes to ensure secure distribution and execution of eSignature procedures. The output of this apex action can be a secure link for sign in-person events or for use in emailed signature requests.

To access the S-Docs Apex actions in the Salesforce Flow builder, start by adding a New Action element to your flow. In the left sidebar menu, click on the S-Docs option:S-Docs Menu Category in Flow Builder MenuActivate the action search bar in the New Action window to display a list of the available Apex actions included in the S-Docs managed package:S-Docs Invocable Apex Library in Flow Builder

For more detailed configuration tutorials and usage examples of the available Invocable Apex Actions, please refer to the following articles:

  • Generate S-Doc, Preparing, and Sealing Envelope Invocable Apex Actions
  • Generate Document in Batch Invocable Apex Action
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