Add Custom Template Selection Filters

Create A New S-Doc Relationship

S-Docs makes sorting through your templates easier by allowing you to create custom filters.

In this example, the filter we're creating is a picklist that will help us sort through templates by region. This can be done by creating a new S-Doc Relationship. You can learn more about custom relationships here.

When you reach the third step of creating your object, make sure to check the Visible checkbox.

Create A New S-Docs Button

Once you finish creating your relationship, proceed to making your new custom button. Be sure to check Detail Page Button, and choose Display in existing window without sidebar or header for its behavior. Append  AdditionalFields='Region__c', to your button's apex command. You can learn more about creating custom objects, such as buttons, here.

{!URLFOR('/apex/SDOC__SDCreate1', null,[id=Task.Id, Object='Task', AdditionalFields='Region c'])}

Add the button to your page's layout. Since we named this button S-Docs, it can replace the previous S-Docs button on your page's layout.

Now, click your S-Docs button and see your picklist at work!

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