S-Docs SDK Resources

The S-Docs SDK is a toolbox that allows Salesforce administrators and developers unparalleled extensibility in crafting highly optimized workflows for their end-users in Salesforce. Utilize the SDK methods in many contexts through custom Apex, or tap into out-of-the-box invocable Apex actions within flow builder to enhance your end-user experience and accelerate business success.

The current library of functionality available through the SDK includes:

S-Docs Software Development Kit (DocumentsSDK)
PDF Generation
HTML Generation
Batch Document Generation

S-Sign Software Development Kit (ESignSDK)
Generate Signature Documents
Prepare Envelopes
Seal Envelopes

Invocable Apex Action Library for Flow Builder
Generate Document
Generate Documents in Batch
Generate S-Doc with User Input
Prepare Envelopes for eSignature
Seal Envelopes for eSignature

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