Install & Renew Your S-Docs License Key


If you've just purchased S-Docs or initiated a trial period, you will be provided with a unique S-Docs license key that will allow you to begin taking advantage of S-Docs's robust feature functionality. This article demonstrates how to install your license key, assign S-Docs licenses to your users, and update or renew your license key.

License keys are required for any version of S-Docs above the free version. You can watch the following tutorial video or refer to the written instructions below the video. Timestamps from the video are provided in the written instructions.

Note: Click Here for instructions on installing & configuring S-Docs itself.

Tutorial Video

Written Instructions

Step 1: Install Your S-Docs License Key [0:34]

Step 1 is to install your S-Docs license key into your Salesforce org.

Note: This step differs depending on which version of S-Docs you're using. If you're using version 4.381 and above, follow instructions in Step 1A. If you're using version 4.380 or below, follow instructions in Step 1B.

Step 1A

Navigate to the S-Docs Setup page by clicking the App Launcher in the upper left corner, then clicking View All.

Scroll down to the All Items section, then click S-Docs Setup.

From the S-Docs Setup page, find the S-Docs License Key section and click Go To S-Docs License Key Page.

From there, you can enter your license key into the provided field. You can also navigate back to this page to update your license key in the future.

Step 1B

In S-Docs version 4.380 and below, installing your license key is a simple matter of creating a new template and pasting your key into it.

Navigate to the S-Docs homepage by clicking on the App Launcher in the upper left corner, typing S-Docs into the search bar, and clicking S-Docs.

Click over to the S-Docs Templates tab, then click New to create a new template.

Fill in the following information for your template:

Template Name: License Key
Description: [Leave this blank]
Document Category: None
Related To Type: Opportunity
Template Format: PDF
Document Version: [Paste License Key Here]

Available For Use: [Unchecked]
Initially Visible: [Unchecked]
Allow Edit: [Unchecked]

Once you click Save, the Description field of your template will be updated to say "DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT THIS RECORD," and the Document Version field will be updated to "***KEY ACCEPTED***." You've successfully installed your S-Docs license key!

Step 2: Assign S-Docs Licenses To Your Users [1:43]

Note: If you are installing your S-Docs license key in a sandbox environment, you can skip this step. License seats do not need to be assigned in sandboxes.

Now that you've created your S-Docs license key, you need to grant yourself and your users access to S-Docs by assigning S-Docs licenses to the appropriate users.

Navigate to the Setup menu by clicking the cog in the upper right corner. Then, type Installed Packages into the Quick Find bar, and click Installed Packages in the drop-down menu.

A list of your installed packages will appear on the right. Find the S-Docs package and click manage licenses.

This will open up the package manager for S-Docs. On this page, you can view [1] the number of licenses that you've purchased, [2] the number of licenses that you've assigned, and [3] each user who has been assigned a license. Click Add Users [4] to start assigning licenses.

Use the checkboxes to assign licenses to yourself and your users. Once you're done, click Add at the bottom of the screen.

As you can see, the users that were selected have been added to the Licensed Users list, and the Used Licenses field has been updated to reflect this.

You can now begin generating unlimited templates and taking advantage of all S-Docs has to offer.

Note: You don't have to assign all of your available licenses at this time. You can come back to add or remove users at any time.

Renewing / Updating Your S-Docs License Key [2:23]

If you're renewing your S-Docs account or upgrading from a trial version, you'll need to update your license key.

Note: For S-Docs version 4.381 and above, you can simply navigate back to the S-Docs License Key page described in Step 1A to update your license key.

For S-Docs version 4.380 and below, you will need to update your license key template. Do not create a new license key template; to upgrade, all you need to do is edit your original template and replace your old key with your new one. Use the search bar on the S-Docs templates page to quickly find your original license key template.

Click Edit, then delete the text in the Document Version field and replace it with your new license key.

Once you click Save, the Document Version field will once again display the text "***KEY ACCEPTED***." Your license key is now updated; that's all there is to it!

To view instructions for updating your S-Sign license key, click here.


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