Integrating with DocuSign

S-Docs supports a variety of integrations with DocuSign. Since integrations may vary from org to org depending on the use case, this document aims to provide the base knowledge and resources required to develop your own custom integration.

Use Anchor Tags In Your S-Docs Template

To use DocuSign with your S-Docs templates, you must first create a matching template in DocuSign.  You can then use anchor tags in your S-Docs template (see:, generate the document, and then manually send it through DocuSign as you would any other documents.

Note: Be sure to use anchor tags with forward slashes (example: /SI1/).

Use DocuSign API

Alternative to manually sending the document, you can develop an integration to send the document automatically. Setting up automated integrations require using DocuSign's API, which you can learn about more at:


Here is a brief overview of how you might integrate S-Docs with DocuSign:
1) Create a process in Process Builder to generate the document, and then set a flag.
2) Create an Apex trigger, based on the flag, to grab the generated doc attachment and send the attachment to the Docusign API:
3) Use the DocuSign API to send the document to be signed.

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