Uploading Documents to Google Drive

Note: If you haven't configured the S-Docs and Google Drive integration, please review this article first.

Uploading a Document to Google Drive

When you generate any document that is Google Drive enabled, an Upload Selected to Google Docs button appears above the list of generated documents. Click the button to upload the selected documents.

Authorizing Access to Google Drive

The first time you try to upload a document using S-Docs, you will be presented with S-Docs Authorization page that you saw when setting up the Google Drive integration. Click Authorize Google Drive Access to grant permission for S-Docs to access your account.


You will be redirected to a Google-hosted sign-in page. Sign into your Google account now.

Note: If you receive an error at this step, confirm you have completed the S-Docs & Google Drive setup steps correctly.

Once signed in, Google will present a warning. Click Advanced Options and then Go to force.com.

Finally, click Allow.

This step needs to be done only once, as this access authorization is retained with your Salesforce account. Once authenticated, S-Docs uses OAuth 2.0 technology to manage access between S-Docs and Google Drive.

Going forward, the authorization step will be skipped, and you will be directed to the upload confirmation page below.

On this page, you can [1] see which documents are queued for upload, [2] remove individual documents from the queue, and finally [3] click Upload to Google Drive to upload your documents. You can also [4] deauthorize S-Docs from your Google Account by clicking on the Unlink S-Docs from my Google Drive account link at the bottom of the page.

Once you click the Upload to Google Docs button, the Status field will change from “Queued” to a link. The link will open the document directly within Google Drive.

Note: For help uploading S-Docs to specific Google Drive folders, please view this article.

Opening Google Drive Docs Within Salesforce

Links to documents and their icons are updated whenever a document is uploaded to Google Drive. Clicking on the link will open the document directly within Google Drive in either a new tab or new window.

Once a document is uploaded to Google Drive, it can be moved and shared as needed by using standard Google Drive functionality.


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