Manage Template Version History


To keep a record of any changes made to your S-Docs templates, you can use Version History. This feature creates an archived version of a template each time it is saved.

Enable Version History

To enable version history, open the template editor and navigate to the Document Options tab. Find the Other Options section and locate the Maximum versions retained in archive field.

Version history is enabled when this field is set to any value other than "Disable Version History." Choose the maximum number of versions (cloned, archived templates) S-Docs should create.

If you set this field to Disable Version History after archived versions have been created, the archived records will be deleted and only the current version of the template will be retained.

Version History Functionality

S-Docs creates an archived version of your template each time you click Save, Save & Close, or Save & Preview, depending on the value you set the Maximum versions retained in archive field to.

If you choose 5, for example, S-Docs will create an archived version of your next 5 template saves.

Note: An archived template will be created each time your template is saved, regardless of whether or not any changes were made.

Archived templates have "[ARCHIVED:yyyy-MM-dd]" appended to the template name.

You can view all archived versions of a template by navigating to the detail record of the current version and clicking over to the Related tab.

You can also view all archived templates in your org by selecting the Archived Templates list view for the S-Docs Template object.

Pro Tip: Edit the Document Version field on the template detail record for each new archived template to more easily keep track of different template versions.

Archived templates are read-only. Edits are not retained due to the absence of the Save buttons in the template editor.

Restore Archived Template Versions

To restore an archived template, you can use the Restore Link field. Navigate to the current version of your template, click over to the Related tab, and click the Restore Link for the appropriate archived template.

Note that when you restore an old template version, the current version of that template will be saved as an archived template.

Note: You can also add the Restore Link field to your SDoc Template detail page layout, if you require the ability to restore archived templates from the archived template detail page layout.


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