Template Library Import Instructions

Note: If you're a newer user, you'll need to configure S-Docs for use in your org in order to generate documents with any templates that you've created. For detailed instructions on setting up S-Docs, please click here.

1. Download Your Template From The S-Docs Website

Importing a template into S-Docs is quick and easy. First, download the template export file from our template library (or documentation, if downloading translation templates) by clicking the Download Now button on the template listing page. A .zip file will be downloaded to your local device.

2. Download Custom Fields and Images (If Applicable)

After downloading your template, install the unmanaged package to add any custom fields or images to your org that your template may reference. Note that some templates do not come with an unmanaged package because they do not reference any custom fields or images.

Be sure to select Install For All Users, as shown below.

3. Import Your Template With The S-Docs Template Migrator

Now, it's time to import your template into your org using the S-Docs Template Migrator. Head back to the template listing and click one of the Import buttons to navigate to the Template Migrator in your org.

Next, click Choose File and select the template .zip file that you downloaded in Step 1.

The template will display [1] its type (S-Docs or S-Sign), [2] its name, and [3] its ID. Click Start Import to import the template.

The Template Migrator will display a success message when your template has been successfully imported.

Update Image URLs

When you download an unmanaged package with image files, those images are stored in your Salesforce Documents folder. However, the image in the template will still reference an image URL from the S-Docs Template Library org when first downloaded.

Find any images in your template, double-click them, and then click Browse Server in the menu that pops up.

This will open your Salesforce Documents folder. Select the image in your template to update the URL.

Edit & Generate Your Template

When you navigate to the S-Docs Templates tab in Salesforce, your imported template will be available in your template list.

You can now edit your imported template, or begin generating documents with it immediately.

Note: If your imported template includes custom fields, you may receive errors during generation if you do not download the unmanaged package into your org first.

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