Access Other Fields Not Available From the Insert Field Picker Button

Use Dot Notation

The Insert Field button in the template editor will allow you to easily insert fields from related objects. However, S-Docs can access related fields using standard “dot” notation that can reach fields up to 5 relationships removed if you manually edit the template source.

For example, you could include the following in your template:

Note: Due to Salesforce’s governor limits, S-Docs may not validate after the second “dot.” This means users will not receive any warning messages (during document creation) that a referenced field is invalid. If you find yourself needing to extend to this level, be sure to use the correct relationship name and notation. If you choose to map fields manually and do not correctly specify objects and fields, the user may receive a system error during document creation.


If you find yourself needing to extend to a far removed field value, we recommend creating a formula field on the base object. In the example above, you could easily add a formula field on the Opportunity labeled PAowner_name__c and set its value to the field referenced above. Then, you could use this field in your S-Docs template.

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