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HTML templates allow you to merge simple to complex data from Salesforce into emails. They are built with the S-Docs Template Editor in Salesforce.

Learn about creating HTML templates by clicking here.

Main Advantages

HTML templates allow you to create personalized, well-designed emails with data merged from anywhere in Salesforce. You can include anything from basic merge fields to complex related list queries and conditional logic. They can be used on their own, to email other documents generated with S-Docs, and can even be bulk-sent to many records at once using Mass Merge.

HTML templates can also dynamically preset email fields like subject, recipients, and sender to expedite the end user's experience.

You can additionally edit the HTML/CSS source to create branded emails designed however you prefer.

Supported Features

Feature Supported?
Merge Fields
Related Lists
Conditional Logic
Live Edit
Runtime Prompts
HTML/CSS Source Editing
Named Queries
Template Header & Footer
Insert Component Templates
Mass Merge (Batch Generation)
Collect e-signatures with S-Sign

Recommended For

HTML templates are recommended for any emails sent in Salesforce that require extensive personalization or other dynamic data. We also recommend generating HTML templates along with any S-Docs that need to be emailed for one seamless experience.

Main Limitations

  • HTML can render inconsistently on a variety of devices, browsers and email clients
  • Images are not self-contained and may or may not display depending on internet connectivity
  • Emails sent with S-Docs are subject to Salesforce's email limitations
  • HTML templates remove all <script> tags

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