PDF-Upload Templates


PDF-Upload templates allow you to merge data from Salesforce into preexisting PDF documents. The document itself is built outside of Salesforce and then uploaded to S-Docs to be tagged with drag-and-drop merge fields and other content.

Learn about creating PDF-Upload templates by clicking here. For information about standard PDF templates, which are built entirely within the S-Docs template editor, click here.

Main Advantages

PDF-Upload templates don't require you to rebuild your existing documents, since any standard-formatted PDFs can be uploaded and used. This means you can incorporate design elements into your PDF that wouldn't otherwise be supported.

Additionally, PDF-Upload templates are easy to set up. The drag-and-drop template builder enables even non-technical users to easily overlay merge fields and create stunning documents quickly. Template development can be significantly expedited with PDF-Upload.

PDF-Upload templates can also be inserted into standard PDF templates as separate pages, allowing you to leverage the advantages of both template formats.

Supported Features

Feature Supported?
Merge Fields
Related Lists
Conditional Logic
Live Edit
Runtime Prompts
HTML/CSS Source Editing
Named Queries
Template Header & Footer
Insert Component Templates
Mass Merge (Batch Generation)
Collect e-signatures with S-Sign

Recommended For

PDF-Upload templates are recommended for basic documents that require simple Salesforce field data merges. They're also recommended for design-heavy documents.

Because PDF-Upload templates don't support more complex features like related lists and nested conditional logic, we recommend using standard PDF templates for those requirements.

Main Limitations

While PDF-Upload is a robust and easy-to-use feature, there are a few limitations to consider when using it.

Note: Limitations to PDF files in general also apply to the PDF-Upload feature in addition to the limitations listed here.
  • PDF is the only file type supported
  • Pre-existing templates cannot be switched to the PDF-Upload template format
  • PDF-Upload templates cannot be switched to a different template format
  • The HeaderFooterPage Settings, and Create Salesforce Task tabs are not available
  • PDFs must be the traditional 8.5 x 11 inch size; landscape PDFs are not supported
  • The page count upper limit is currently around 15 pages. Keep in mind that certain contents increase template size and complexity (such as images or large amounts of text), which may have an effect on the page number limitation
  • To export templates and transfer them between orgs, use the S-Docs Template Migrator instead of manually exporting and importing the template data.
  • Component templates are not supported (however, you can use PDF-Upload templates as components in regular PDF templates)
  • Related Lists are not supported
  • Conditional statements need to be written out (the Insert Conditional Logic button is not supported)
  • Nested renders are not supported
  • Direct SOQL related lists are not supported
  • Merged text will not wrap (will flow off of the side of a page) without entering the following to the Additional Style field:
    white-space: normal !important;


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