XLSX Templates


XLSX templates allow you to merge data from Salesforce into Microsoft Excel XLSX documents. They are built in Microsoft Excel and uploaded to Salesforce for generation.

Main Advantages

XLSX templates can incorporate multiple sheets in a single template, which is not supported by the XLS template format.

Supported Features

Feature Supported?
Merge Fields
Related Lists
Conditional Logic
Live Edit
Runtime Prompts
HTML/CSS Source Editing
Named Queries
Template Header & Footer
Insert Component Templates
Mass Merge (Batch Generation)
Collect e-signatures with S-Sign

Recommended For

XLSX templates are recommended for spreadsheets that require multiple sheets and limited dynamic Salesforce data.

Because XLSX templates do not support related lists or more advanced queries, we recommend using XLS templates for your spreadsheet requirements whenever possible.

Main Limitations

Consider the following XLSX limitations.

  • DOCX &  PPTX limitations also apply to XLSX templates
  • XLSX templates do not support related lists or other advanced queries
  • For very large, text-dense XLSX templates, you may hit a file size limitation

Special Requirements

XLSX templates have the following special requirements:

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