Preview Your S-Sign Request


You can preview how your document for signature will appear to its signers with the Preview Request feature.

Note: This feature is only available on S-Sign 2.287+

Access The Preview Request Feature

S-Sign documents can be previewed before generation from the Template Editor, or after generation from the Generated Documents page.

Preview Request From The Template Editor

To preview an S-Sign request document from the template editor, enable the Save & Preview feature by navigating to the Advanced Options tab and pasting a base record ID into the Preview ID field. A Save & Preview Request button will appear next to the regular Save & Preview button.

Note: Click "Save" before "Save & Preview Request" to ensure both S-Doc and S-Sign Template changes are saved before previewing in the signer UI.

Previewing a request from the template editor allows admins to check that inputs are properly aligned and make immediate adjustments while building S-Sign templates.

Preview Request From The Generated Documents Page

To preview an S-Sign request document after generation, simply click the document icon in the Preview Request column on the Generated Documents page.

Previewing a request after generation allows end users to ensure the document/inputs are correct before sending for signature.


When a user previews a request, they're able to access the entire document and view all input fields for all signers at once, but not interact with them.

Note: While the Preview Request feature displays all input fields, signers can only see input fields assigned to them.

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