S-Sign with PDF-Upload

S-Sign with PDF-Upload

The S-Docs PDF-Upload feature allows you to upload any PDF to the S-Docs template editor, then drag and drop merge fields onto the document. This feature is also compatible with S-Sign, allowing you to create S-Sign fields and drag & drop them onto your uploaded PDF. This article will demonstrate using S-Sign with the PDF-Upload feature.

Before using the PDF-Upload feature, you will need to add it as a value for the Template Format field on the SDoc Template object. Refer to the S-Docs PDF-Upload documentation (linked above) to learn how to do this.

Enable S-Sign For Your Template

After you create your PDF-Upload template, you'll need to enable S-Sign as your template's e-sign vendor. Navigate to the Advanced Options tab and choose S-Sign from the dropdown menu. Once you do this, you need to save your template before proceeding by clicking the Save button above.

Locate the S-Sign Settings

Once your template is saved, navigate back to the Upload PDF tab and click Create Another Field.

Here, unlike with regular PDF-Upload templates, you can now select "S-Sign Field" for the Type field. You'll notice that the regular S-Sign Settings menu didn't appear here like it does for regular S-Sign enabled templates; to access the S-Sign settings, click S-Sign Settings at the bottom of the PDF-Upload Settings menu.

Configure Your S-Sign Template

Clicking S-Sign Settings will open up the S-Sign Settings menu, where you can configure every aspect of your S-Sign template like normal, including field types, different signer profiles, and general settings. Click Field Settings to go back to the PDF-Upload settings and drag your S-Sign field onto your document.

Once you navigate back to the PDF-Upload settings, you can drag your S-Sign Input tag onto your document. A Re-Drag Merge Field button will appear, which you can click to reset the signature tag and drag it again.

Once you're finished configuring all of your fields, signer profiles, and template settings, you can use this template like you would any other S-Sign template.

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