Troubleshooting S-Sign

Troubleshooting The End-User Experience

This section of the S-Sign troubleshooting guide will focus on the end-user experience, which includes both users generating S-Sign requests in Salesforce, and users signing documents.

General Troubleshooting Steps

If you're running into problems while using S-Sign, it's always best practice to take note of the following general steps.

  1. Ensure that the domain listed for your S-Sign site in the S-Sign Setup page is the same as the domain listed for your S-Sign site in the Salesforce sites list (Setup > Sites > Your Site).
    To get to the S-Sign Setup page, navigate to one of the following links:
    Make sure the URLs match. If they don't, copy the site URL from the Salesforce sites page and paste it into the box on the S-Sign Setup page.

    Additionally, if there are two sites listed, make sure to use the one that ends with
  2. Ensure that the active user has an S-Sign license assigned to them. You can view license assignments by navigating to the S-Sign Setup page and clicking Click here to be redirected to the S-Sign License Page at the top.

    From there, scroll down to view license assignments or assign new licenses.
  3. Ensure that you have the correct Sharing Settings enabled for all of the S-Docs and S-Sign objects (Setup > Sharing Settings).
  4. Ensure that the active user's profile has all field-level permissions enabled for the S-Docs and S-Sign objects (make sure the "Read" field is checked as well).
  5. Ensure that the active user's profile has access to the S-Sign VisualForce pages. You can find a list of these in Step 2 of the S-Sign Installation and Configuration Guide.

Site is Down For Maintenance Error

If users are taken to a "site under construction" or "site down for maintenance" page when clicking the link that should take them to the signable document, this may be because there is a missing forward slash character in the S-Sign site URL.

In order to fix this, navigate to the S-Sign Setup page and ensure that the URL shown there has a forward slash character at the end.

Infinite Loading Spinner On The Signature Capture Page

You may run into an issue where signers are stuck on the loading screen after verifying their email and clicking Continue to proceed to the document. The screen would look similar to this:

There are several reasons that this may happen.

  1. The S-Sign input tag [[SSIGN_INPUT ID=X]] isn't present in the template. We recommend first going back to the template editor and making sure that the S-Sign input tag didn't get removed or accidentally left out of your document.
  2. The S-Sign input tag is breaking across two lines. When the S-Sign input tag breaks across two lines in the generated PDF, it cannot be read by the PDF reader. We recommend editing your S-Sign input tag so that it only occupies one line, either by making the font smaller, or making its container larger.
    Note: Your S-Sign input tag may only take up one line in the S-Docs template editor, but break across two lines when you generate the PDF. This is because the template editor spans the width of your browser, but the PDF body is the page width minus the left and right margins (as defined in the Page Settings tab of the template editor). If you want to make the template editor's width more accurate, you can wrap everything in a <div> tag with a width that's equivalent to the generated PDF's page width. For example, if the page width is 8.5 inches and the left and right margins are 1 inch each, you would wrap everything in <div style="width:6.5in;"></div>
  3. The S-Sign input tag is hidden by a narrow table cell. If your S-Sign input tag is in a table cell that is too narrow, the tag may not render at all and thus be unreadable by the PDF reader. To fix this, make the table cell that includes the S-Sign input tag wider. Again, ensure that the tag doesn't break across two lines.

Errors When Submitting Or Declining A Document

On newer versions of S-Docs and S-Sign, signers may receive error messages when they submit or decline a document if the S-Sign Site Guest User doesn't have access to all of the appropriate fields used in your email notification templates. To resolve this error, navigate to your S-Sign site's public access settings (Setup > Sites > Your Site > Public Access Settings) and give the Site Guest User profile Read access to all objects and fields referenced in your email notification templates.

Issues With The "Sign Here" Image or Broken Signature Images

If the "Sign Here" image (shown below) on an S-Sign document appears as a broken image icon, or if there are broken signature images in your audit documents, it may be because of S-Sign site URL issues.

Verify that the URL listed on the S-Sign Setup page matches the URL listed on your Salesforce sites page (as described in Step 1 of the General Troubleshooting Steps section above). If your sites list has two URLS, make sure to use the one that ends with

If you are still having problems, ensure that your site URL is preceded by https://, as opposed to http://.

Troubleshooting The Admin Experience

This section of the S-Sign troubleshooting guide will focus on the admin experience, which includes building S-Sign enabled templates.

S-Sign Sidebar Issues

If the S-Sign sidebar panel is not loading correctly in the S-Docs template editor, there are two options to resolve this.

Option 1: Clickjack Protection

Navigate to Setup > Session Settings. Then, uncheck the following checkboxes:

  • Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with standard headers
  • Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with headers disabled

Option 2: Whitelisted Domains for Visualforce and Survey Inline Frames

If you need to keep clickjack protection enabled for Visualforce pages, you can also resolve this issue by whitelisting the domain of the template editor. To find the correct domain, navigate to an S-Docs template record and open the template editor by clicking the Template Editor button.

Note: You must be in Salesforce Classic to copy the correct domain. If you are working in Salesforce Lightning, switch to Salesforce Classic by clicking your user profile button in the upper right corner, and then click Switch to Salesforce Classic.

Once you have switched to Salesforce Classic, copy the domain from your browser's URL bar.

Next, navigate to Setup > Session Settings, and scroll down to the Whitelisted Domains for Visualforce and Survey Inline Frames section, and click Add Domain.

Then, paste the domain into the Domain field. Make sure that the IFrame Type field is set to Visualforce Pages.

The domain will now appear in the Whitelisted Domains section, and the S-Sign sidebar panel will now load correctly in the template editor.

Finding Site Guest User Profiles

Site Guest Users don't normally appear in the profiles page in the setup menu. If you need to access Site Guest User profiles, you can run the following query in the Dev Console (Setup Cog > Developer Console):

SELECT Name, Id FROM User WHERE Name LIKE '%Site Guest%'

This can be useful for ensuring that the correct permissions are assigned to S-Sign users -- specifically the S-Sign Site Guest User permission set.

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