Send Multiple Documents In A Single E-Signature Request


S-Sign allows you to send multiple documents in a single e-signature request. This document will teach you how to configure and send S-Sign requests with multiple documents.

Add The SSMultiSign VisualForce Page To Your Site

To send multiple documents for e-signature, the Visualforce page SSMultiSign must be added to your S-Sign site's list of Visualforce pages. This page was likely added during the initial configuration of S-Sign. If this page was not added, navigate to your S-Sign site (Setup > User Interface > Sites and Domains > Sites > [Your S-Sign Site]).

Scroll down to Site Visualforce Pages​ and click Edit.

Add the page SSMultiSign to your site's Visualforce Pages to enable this feature.

You can now select multiple documents to generate for e-signature.

Note: All documents must be S-Sign enabled. Additional attachments (non-S-Sign or pregenerated documents) are not supported with S-Sign emails at this time.

What The Signer Sees

The signer will be informed that there are multiple documents to sign when they click the S-Sign link in the email that they receive.

Once they sign the first document, all they need to do is click Submit like normal.

They will then be able to sign the next document by clicking Sign Next Document.

Once they've signed all of the documents, they will receive an email that contains all of the signed documents. That's all there is to it!


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