Void An S-Sign Request

You may run into a situation where a document that you've sent out for signature needs to be voided. S-Sign allows you to void S-Sign requests right from the Salesforce record that they were sent from.

Add The "Void Contract" Field to the S-Sign Envelope Related List

S-Sign request voiding is done from the S-Sign Envelope related list. You'll need to add the Void Contract field to that related list to begin. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Your Object. In this example, we're going to edit the Opportunity object's S-Sign Envelope related list.

Click on the Page Layouts tab, then click Edit for the appropriate page layout.

Scroll down to the related list section of the layout editor. Find the S-Sign Envelopes related list, and click the wrench icon.

Find the Void Contracts field in the related list properties menu, and click the Add arrow to add it to the related list. Click OK at the bottom of the menu.

Save your new layout. You'll now be able to void contracts from the S-Sign Envelopes related list.

Voiding S-Sign Requests

To void an S-Sign request, navigate to the object record that it was generated from. Scroll down to the S-Sign Envelopes related list, and click the Void Contracts link that appears there. If you don't see the link, click View All to open an expanded view.

Once you click the link, you'll be taken to the following page.

Here you can optionally enter a reason for voiding the request, and then click Void The Above Contracts to void them. Note that all recipients of the document will be notified when it is voided.

Only Allow Voiding by Request Creator

If you'd like to disable this feature for any users except the creator of the S-Sign request, check the Contract can be voided only by its creator field in the S-Sign Template Settings.

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