Business moves fast and losing momentum during a transaction can slow the closing of a deal. Missing signatures, days of delay, lack of printer or scanner - these all hold up the final steps in closing a contract. E-signatures remove the frustration and delay of paper processes. 

What is an E-Signature?

There are four parts to an e-signature that make it a legally binding document. 

  1. Consent: Obviously, the person who signs your document needs to be fine with doing so electronically. If they aren’t, you may have to fall back to a paper document. 
  2. Intent: The signer must understand their intent to sign the document, just like with traditional signatures.
  3. Verification: For an e-signature to be legally binding, it must be attributable to the person doing the signing. E-signature solutions like S-Sign have built in verification methods that confirm it is the right person. 
  4. Auditability: Anything that is legally binding needs a “paper trail.” E-signature solutions can easily verify each step of the e-signature process. 

How an E-Signature Works

Most e-signature software is easy to use. The basic workflow looks like this: 

  1. Upload your document into a website or software program.
  2. Tag the document where signatures or other input is needed.
  3. Email the document to the signers.
  4. The recipient completes all marked fields.
  5. The document is automatically sent back to the original sender.
  6. The document is stored in the cloud for safe, secure and easy access.

Native vs Non-native Solutions

If you use Salesforce, you know there are a lot of e-signature applications available on the AppExchange. Picking the right one can feel overwhelming. Look for native apps that work seamlessly and securely within the Salesforce cloud. Native apps are speedier and more secure because they never send your data outside of Salesforce. Non-native e-signature applications transfer data between different clouds, leaving your information open to security risks and data transfer lags. Native e-signature solutions are built on the Salesforce platform, meaning that there is no need for data to be transferred, keeping your documents quick and secure. 

Simplify Your WorkFlow with E-Signatures

For many businesses, paperwork grinds productivity to a halt. Each document signed manually takes up time and money in hours spent printing, scanning, and organizing. Paperless e-signatures are no longer “nice to have” -- they’re now part of standard business practices for businesses who want to reduce spending and simplify document workflows. Let’s walk through some of the benefits. 

1. Increase Sales with E-Signatures

Sales are all about timing. The faster you get the signature the faster you can move forward. E-signatures with expiration dates create a sense of urgency that keep the document moving to all the necessary stakeholders. By optimizing your workflow to include all the stakeholders at once and tracking everything on the backend, you don’t have to lose sleep over who you might have missed. And even if your contract gets stuck in an email “black hole,” reminder emails keep it top of mind, ensuring the process never gets forgotten. 

2. Unshackle from the Office

With more and more people working remotely, e-signatures get your documents in front of people no matter where they are. It is hard to guarantee that your client will be sitting in an office with the necessary tools to return your contract easily. Now when your contract hits their inbox they can use an e-signature on their phone or tablet, giving both of you the flexibility needed to close the deal from anywhere. 

3. Save Money and Speed Things Up

Paper seems simple, but really it isn’t. It has a lot of moving parts that cost money. Purchasing, copying, scanning, printing and then storing paper all add up quickly. It also can bog down your team with unproductive tasks. A paperless system can reduce your business costs and increase profit margins. E-signatures also save your team time by shortening the effort needed to get a document signed. By having your documents organized and keeping your team focused on things that make money, your business stays competitive. 

S-Sign Makes Everything Lightening Fast

S-Sign, a 100% native e-signature solution by S-Docs, is a cost-effective and secure solution to your paperwork headache. Easy-to-use, S-Sign has a sleek interface with Salesforce and S-Docs templates. As a 100% native Salesforce e-signature solution, S-Sign documents never leave the Salesforce platform making it efficient and secure. 

How to Send an S-Sign Document

With S-Sign you can send a document from anywhere - desktops to mobile devices. With its customizable options you can match any business branding and keep everything incredibly secure. Sending a document with S-Sign is easy. Simply generate a document and send an email. In a few steps, your client will have something in their inbox. 

  • Next, select the HTML E-signature request template and your signable PDF template. 

  • S-Docs will generate a “Send Documents for Electronic Signature” button for you. Click this button to email the E-Signature document. If you don’t have the signer email specified in the template then you can enter the email address of each signer here. 

  • When the recipient clicks the “View and Sign” button, they will be taken to a code that will verify their identity. They will also need to consent to do business electronically. 

  • Then the recipient will be taken to the signable document where they can click the “Sign Here” button and type or draw their signature. Once they “Submit Signature”, their signature is merged into the document and both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the signed document. 

Get Started with a Few Clicks

With S-Sign, built by S-Docs, you can tap into the incredible benefits of e-signature solutions. As a 100% native e-signature solution for Salesforce customers, S-Sign is built to complement S-Docs’ document generation solution. By creating, sending and tracking all of your documents and signatures in Salesforce with S-Docs, your business has a seamless solution that gives you the confidence to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Are you ready to increase e-signature security, streamline your workflows and work faster? S-Doc’s expert team is ready to answer all your questions and walk you through a customized demo that will show you all that S-Docs and S-Sign has to offer. Request a demo today or email us at

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