Solution: Before emailing an S-Doc (a PDF, DOC, etc. generated in S-Docs), you can choose an S-Doc email template to automatically fill out the email body, subject line, and To/CC/BCC fields. To do this, simply create a new S-Doc template and choose HTML for the Template Format.

Then, enter the contents of the email body in the template editor using merged fields, SOQL queries, custom HTML code, etc. as you would in any other template.

Finally, set the subject line and the To/CC/BCC fields in the Email Settings tab of the template editor. Make sure to use only one set of brackets instead of two in any merge fields placed in the fields on this tab! (e.g. use {!Contact.Email} instead of {{!Contact.Email}}.) Click Save. That's it! You can now use this email template to send pre-populated emails from S-Docs.

To use your new email template when you're emailing S-Docs, simply select this template in addition to any other S-Doc you'd like to attach to the email. (Note: If you have specified a default email address, subject line, etc. in the Email Settings Tab when editing your HTML template, and another default email address, subject line, etc. in the Email Settings tab of another template (say a DOC or a PDF) that you are attaching to this email, S-Docs will ignore the email info in the non-HTML template(s) and only use the email info specified in the HTML email template.)

Generate the docs by clicking Next Step, then click Email Selected Docs.

This opens up the email screen. As you can see below, S-Docs used the HTML email template to create a custom email to send to the specified contact, and attached the other document (the PDF) to the email.