Note: If you're a newer user, you'll need to configure S-Docs for use in your org in order to generate documents with any templates that you've created. For detailed instructions on setting up S-Docs, please click here.

Importing a template into S-Docs is quick and easy. Once you have downloaded a PDF template from the S-Docs template library or exported one of your own templates (see "Export Template" in the "Advanced Options" tab of the template editor), you can follow steps below to import it into your org:

1) First, navigate to your S-Docs Template records:
2) Now, create a new S-Docs Template.
3) Name the template whatever you'd like and click Save (the fields specified here don't matter as they will be overwritten upon import).

4) Open the S-Docs template editor by clicking the "Template Editor" button.

5) Copy and paste the contents of your recently downloaded template data into "Template Body" tab of the S-Docs Template Editor.

6) Once you have pasted your recently downloaded template source into the S-Docs template editor, click Save and S-Docs will decode the data and populate your template fields.

That's it! Your template has been successfully imported into S-Docs. When you clicked Save, you should have been redirected to the S-Docs Template record detail. You can now generate documents with your template, or you can click the Template Editor button to customize the template. Let's click the Template Editor button to see how our imported template turned out.

Beautiful, isn't it?