If you've just installed S-Sign into an org that's had S-Docs for a while, you can quickly enable any pre-existing S-Docs template into an E-Signature. Similarly, creating S-Sign-enabled S-Docs templates can also be done in almost no time.

Sign requests consist of two types of S-Docs templates: PDF and HTML. The HTML template will be used as the body of the sign request email. The PDF template will be used to generate the documents that you would like to be signed.

Once you've made this change, the HTML template is like any other S-Docs HTML email template, with the exception that you need to place a link somewhere on the form that looks like the following:

<a href="[[[SIGNLINK]]]" target="_blank">Click Here to Sign</a>

[[[SIGNLINK]]] is an S-Sign merge field that will be replaced with a link that takes the recipient to a page where they can sign the document. You can also use the S-Sign merge field [[[DOCUMENTNAME]]] to display the name of the PDF document in the outbound email.

Note: [[SIGNLINK]]] should be inserted into the "Source" page of the Template Editor.

Similarly, the PDF template is like any other S-Docs PDF template, with the exception that you need to place the S-Sign merge field [[[SIGNATURE]]] wherever you'd like the recipient's signature to be placed. When you generate a document using this PDF template, [[[SIGNATURE]]] is replaced with a large image that says "Sign Here" until the recipient signs the document. Once the recipient signs the document, all instances of [[[SIGNATURE]]] will be replaced with the recipient's signature image. Hence, [[[SIGNATURE]]] can be placed in multiple locations of the document, but the recipient only signs once, and all instances of [[[SIGNATURE]]] will be replaced by the same image.

To enable the HTML template for E-Signature, you'll need to go to the "Advanced Options" tab of the Template Editor and select "SSIGN" for the "E-Sign Vendor" dropdown. You do not need to do this for the PDF template - you simply need to generate the PDF template alongside an S-Sign-enabled HTML template, and ensure the PDF template includes the S-Sign [[[SIGNATURE]]] merge field.

That's it! Once you have set the HTML template's "E-Sign Vendor" value to "SSIGN," modifed the HTML template to include [[[SIGNLINK]]], and modified the PDF template to include [[[SIGNATURE]]]you are ready to send out an E-Signature request using these two documents.