S-Sign Input Field Groups allow you to group checkbox fields together and set minimum and maximum requirements for the group as a whole. This feature is useful is you want users to choose a fixed or ranged number of options from a list. For example, let's say your document lists five different contact methods, and you want users to select at least 2 preferred methods from the list. S-Sign input field groups make this easy to implement.

This article will go over setting this feature up, as well as the end-user experience.

Locate the Input Field Group Settings

The S-Sign Input Field Group settings are located at the bottom of the S-Sign Template Settings menu (if you do not see the S-Sign panel on the left of the template editor, you need to enable S-Sign for your template).

Create an Input Field Group

To create an input field group, click Add Input Field Group. This will bring up the input field group menu.

[1] Input field group name: Add a name for your input field group. Once you save the template, this name will show up in the Input Field Group picklist on the S-Sign checkbox field menu. Any checkbox fields with this name selected will be included in this input field group and governed by its requirements.

[2] Minimum required for signing: Set a minimum number of checkboxes in this group that must be checked before the document can be submitted.
[3] Maximum required for signing: Set a maximum amount of checkboxes in this group that can be checked before the document can be submitted.
[4] Custom Warning Message: Enter a custom warning message that will be displayed on the document when a user selects too many or too few options part of this group.
[5] Remove input group: Remove this input field group and delete its settings.
[6] Add Input Field Group: Add another input field group.

Example Use Case

Let's say we want users to choose at least two preferred contact methods from a list of five contact methods in a document. We'll create an input field group to satisfy this requirement.

First, we named the input field group "Contact." If we wanted to create other input field groups later, descriptive names will help differentiate between them. Next, we set the minimum required inputs to 2 and the maximum to 5, since our group will include 5 checkboxes, and we want users to be able to select as many as they want (as long as it's more than 2). If we wanted them to select only 2 contact methods, we would set the maximum number to 2 as well.

Next, we'll create five checkbox fields and assign them to the input field group that we just created by setting their Input Field Group field to Contact. Then, we'll paste the S-Sign tags into our template.

That's all there is to it! When we generate the document and send the S-Sign request, users will be able to select 2-5 contact options.

If a user tries to submit the document with less than 2 options selected, an error will appear and indicate how many options that they should select.

Although this is a simple example, you can create as many input field groups as you like and customize them as needed to satisfy your requirements.