Row Coloration Syntax

S-Docs offers support to specify coloration on even and odd rows in subquery records.

The syntax, which is tableXXXsubRowEven and tableXXXsubRowOdd, is case-sensitive, and if not specified, will revert to the CSS that's specified by tableXXXRowEven and tableXXXRowOdd.

Coloration in LineItemsSOQL can be specified by <rowcoloration>tablerow</rowcoloration> and <rowcoloration>record</rowcoloration>.

If <rowcoloration>tablerow</rowcoloration> is specified, the table row class is changed from tableXXXRowOdd to tableXXXRowEven (and vice versa) every time a new table row (<tr>) is insertedThis is also true for table rows inserted by newrow="true"groupbysum, etc.

Example Table & Code

In this case, the table would look something like the following, given the sample code below:

If <rowcoloration>record</rowcoloration> is specified, the table row class changes from tableXXXRowEven to tableXXXRowOdd (and vice versa) upon iterating through all of the columns for the current record, regardless of how many table rows (<tr>) were inserted during that time.

If neither are specified, the default will be <rowcoloration>record</rowcoloration>.