Streamlined and Straightforward -

The Features You Need

S-Docs was purpose-built for Salesforce users like you. We’ve developed the platform based on a few core principles that we feel make it the most user-friendly, yet powerful document automation solution available today.


Native to Force.com

We’ve built it natively on Force.com so companies who care about data security can rest assured that their data is safe and secure.


Fast & Lightweight

We’ve kept it fast and lightweight so end users can quickly and easily complete tasks without a lot of training or costly change management.


AppExchange Top 1%

We’re providing the greatest value for our customers by pricing fairly, providing A+ customer support and continuing to innovate to support your needs

The following is a list of our core features. We’d be happy to walk you through these, as well as share details of our Advanced Features.

Ensure Compliance

  • Generate documents without external data communication
  • Easily manage old documents
  • Intelligently filter which documents users can create
  • Improves security compliance and reduces user-selection errors
  • Track version history as templates evolve
  • Restrict domains of outbound emails
  • Make groups of template visible only to certain users
  • Translate merged data
  • Control document visibility across user profiles

Complete Salesforce Compatibility

  • Merge any data from within Salesforce into sleek documents
  • Complete Salesforce Communities integration
  • Query fields and related lists from any Salesforce object
  • Integrate with other third party applications
  • Seamlessly integrate E-Signature functionality into your documents
  • Integrate with Google Drive, Amazon S3, and other document storage options
  • Functionality in Lightning, Classic, and Mobile

Dynamic Document Creation

  • Allow end-users to input information when creating documents with the Runtime Prompts feature
  • Allow users to edit generated documents to perfection
  • Format dates based on each users’ international standard
  • Compatible with international character sets
  • Automatic document naming capabilities
  • Flexible header and footer configuration options
  • Merge multiple child templates into a parent template with the Component Template feature
  • Dynamically name generated documents
  • Conditionally include or exclude portions of your document based on record-level info

Maximize Efficiency

  • User-friendly template editing interface that allows even non-technical users to create powerful templates
  • Automatically route outbound emails by dynamically filling the To, From, and Subjects fields
  • Easily migrate templates across environments with the Generate Importable Template feature
  • Upload DOCX and PPTX files for automatic template creation
  • Generate and access documents via your mobile device
  • Automatically create tasks when documents are generated to help users track follow ups
  • Select from a wide range of pre-made templates for use in your org
  • Maximize user efficiency with one-click and zero-click document generation
  • Easily preview templates to reduce development time
  • Fully automate document generation with Process Builder or Apex Classes
  • Batch generate documents