What Pricing Plan Is Right For You?

All packages are 100% native to Salesforce ensuring you get a lightning fast, incredibly secure and remarkably intuitive solution for all of your document and e-signature needs.

S-Docs Starter Pack

Perfect for growing organizations. Starter packs are structured as a flat rate. Only available for organizations with up to 24 Salesforce users.

1-10 Users $1,500

11-24 Users $3,000

Billed annually.
Pricing based on Salesforce users.

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S-Docs Unlimited Edition

Perfect for mid-enterprise organizations looking for comprehensive document generation. Custom enterprise pricing available upon request.


/user per month

Billed annually.
Minimum contract of $6,000 required.

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S-Docs & S-Sign Bundle

Perfect for mid-enterprise organizations looking for document generation and e-signature with S-Docs Unlimited Edition bundled with S-Sign


/user per month

Billed annually.
Minimum contract of $8,400 required.

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Still Deciding? Try our free version with up to two templates available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Compare the S-Docs Plans

S-Docs Starter Pack

S-Docs Unlimited Edition

S-Docs & S-Sign Bundle

Standard Features

Unlimited Templates

Access To S-Docs Template Library

Compatible With Custom Objects

Compatible On Mobile*

Advanced Features

S-Sign E-Signature

Upgrade to bundle

Automation & Workflow Processes**

Batch Document Generation**

Runtime Prompts

Dynamic Content Rendering With Conditional Logic

Component Insertion

PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX Upload To Template Editor

SOQL Queries

Write-back Data To Salesforce

Third Party Integrations (Box, S3, Google Drive, SharePoint)

Technical Support

Online Documentation

Live Support

Implementation support

Custom Template Design Service


Pricing FAQs

What is the free version of S-Docs?

The free version of S-Docs allows you to create two templates without any restrictions on the number of Salesforce users. They are production ready and do not have an expiration date. The online resources are available for all support related questions.

How Do Starter Packs Work?

Starter Packs are for Orgs with between 1 - 24 Salesforce users and are broken down as follows:

Starter Pack A = 1 - 10 Salesforce users, priced at $1,500 per year and includes unlimited templates

Starter Pack B = 11 - 24 Salesforce users, priced at $3,000 per year and includes unlimited templates

Support is restricted to the online resources and available to all.

View a full breakdown of the differences between all plans here.

What Is S-Docs Unlimited Edition?

S-Docs Unlimited Edition is for Orgs with more than 24 Salesforce users and priced at $20 per user per month billed annually. Discounts start with a purchase of 50 S-Docs licenses. It allows you to create an unlimited number of templates. S-Docs Unlimited Edition includes the following features:

  • Access to our pre-built template library
  • Batch processing (fees may apply)
  • Automation and workflow (fees may apply)
  • Dynamic content rendering
  • Run-time prompts
  • Integrations with Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, and SharePoint
  • Upgradable to the S-Docs & S-Sign bundle for e-signature functionality.

View a full breakdown of the differences between all plans here.

What is the S-Docs & S-Sign Bundle?

The S-Docs & S-Sign bundle package includes S-Docs Unlimited Edition bundled with S-Sign, our 100% native e-signature solution. This package is for mid to large organizations looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that pairs the power of native document generation with native e-signature. With the S-Docs and S-Sign bundle package, users can take advantage of the features of S-Docs Unlimited Edition alongside those of S-Sign, including:

  • Send multiple documents to multiple signers
  • Create dynamic signer profiles
  • Add text, checkbox, and picklist fields to your e-signature documents
  • Write signer data directly back to Salesforce
  • Automate your e-signature workflow

View a full breakdown of the differences between all plans here.

Can I purchase S-Sign without S-Docs?

No, currently S-Sign can only be purchased through the S-Docs & S-Sign bundle.

*Can I use S-Docs and S-Sign with my mobile device?

You can use S-Docs and S-Sign with the Salesforce mobile app to generate, view, and distribute documents, as well as create, send, and track e-signature requests.

However, building templates with the S-Docs template editor on mobile devices may present users with limitations and is not recommended.

For more information on using S-Docs with the Salesforce mobile app, please view our documentation.

**Are there additional fees for batch processing and automation?

Yes, additional fees apply for customers looking to use batch processing or workflow automation. Please contact our sales team for more information.

I Have More Than 10 Salesforce Users; Can I Still Purchase Starter Pack A For $1,500?

Yes. As long as you have 24 or fewer Salesforce users in your org, you can purchase either Starter Pack. Starter Pack A will allow S-Docs access for up to 10 of your Salesforce users.

Can I Purchase A Starter Pack If I Have More Than 24 Salesforce Users?

No, orgs with more than 24 Salesforce users need to purchase S-Docs Unlimited Edition.

Is It Possible To Purchase S-Docs Unlimited Edition If I Have Less Than 24 Salesforce Users?

Yes, anyone can upgrade to S-Docs Unlimited edition for a starting price of $6,000 per year.

Does Everyone In Our Org Need To Be Licensed?

No, S-Docs licenses are needed for everyone in the org who creates a document or needs to use or send a document within Salesforce. This could mean all users in the org, or just a subset of users. However, if you have more than 24 Salesforce users in your Org, you are required to purchase a minimum of 25 S-Docs licenses for access to S-Docs Unlimited Edition.

What Edition Of Salesforce Do I Need To Use S-Docs?

S-Docs requires the Unlimited Edition (UE), Enterprise Edition (EE), Performance Edition or Developer Edition (DE). It is not compatible with Professional Edition (PE) or Salesforce Essentials.

Can Some Users Be On The Free Version And Some On The Paid Version?

No, all users need to be on the same version.

Do You Offer Discounts For Nonprofits?

Yes! Nonprofits are eligible for a discount. Please contact for a quote.

Do S-Docs Admins And Users Have Different License Types?

No. There is only one S-Docs license type and it covers admins and users alike.