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Introduction to S-Docs

What is S-Docs for Salesforce?


Learn about the S-Docs advantage and see why S-Docs is the #1 Native Document Generation and E-Signature solution for Salesforce.

S-Docs Overview Demo


See S-Docs' core capabilities including application architecture, product capabilities, and UI for the end-user and admin experiences.

Architecture and Security Advantages of S-Docs


Discover why S-Docs was built natively and why that's so important. This video is a presentation designed for those evaluating options for document generation and e-signature.

Install S-Docs for Salesforce


Learn how to install S-Docs from the Salesforce App Exchange and start generating documents in no time.

Install or Renew Your License Key


Learn how to install and renew your S-Docs license key to start taking advantage of all S-Docs has to offer.

Customer Testimonials

S-Docs Customer Testimonials


Hear what Reva, United Healthcare, and Intuitive Surgical are saying about S-Docs and how it's helping their organizations.

Customer Testimonial: State of California DIR


Hear how Daniel Chu from the State of California Department of Industrial Relations uses S-Docs.

Customer Testimonial: Centene Corporation


Hear how Sherry Soriano from Centene Corporation uses S-Docs.

Customer Testimonial: Monark Premium Appliance


Hear how Sean Schuster from Monark Premium Appliance uses S-Docs.

Product Tutorials & Demos

S-Docs Overview Demo


See S-Docs' core capabilities including application architecture, product capabilities, and UI for the end-user and admin experiences.

Create Your First S-Docs Template


Learn how to use the S-Docs template editor to start creating stunning templates and generating sophisticated documents in no time.

Template Editor Overview


Get an in-depth overview of the template editor and build a simple quote with S-Docs.

Configure S-Docs with Custom Objects


Learn how to configure S-Docs with any custom object and start generating documents your way.

S-Docs with the Salesforce Process Builder Tutorial


Learn how to set up S-Docs with the Salesforce Process Builder to automate document generation and distribution.

S-Docs Conditional Logic


Use the S-Docs Render feature to conditionally populate your documents with blocks of text and data. This video explores Render in a Contract.

Runtime Prompts


Learn how to use S-Docs Runtime Prompts - merging user input into documents at runtime.

S-Sign End User Guide


Learn how to generate and send a document for e-signature with S-Docs and S-Sign, as well as how to track the entire process within Salesforce.

S-Docs End-User Guide


Learn how to use S-Docs to generate, edit, and email documents from any object in Salesforce.

S-Sign Installation & Configuration


Learn how to install and configure S-Sign, our 100% native e-signature solution for Salesforce.

Mass Merge: Batch Document Generation


Learn how to use S-Docs to generate large numbers of documents at once for any list of Salesforce records with the Mass Merge feature.

Transfer S-Docs Templates Between Orgs


This video will teach you how to use the S-Docs Template Migrator to easily transfer any number of S-Docs templates between any Salesforce org.

Translate The S-Sign Signer Experience


Learn how to translate the S-Sign e-signature signer experience, including receiving, signing, and submitting and e-signature request.

Translate Document Content


Learn how to translate field labels, picklist merge fields, and related list picklist fields in your generated documents.

Translate The S-Docs UI


Learn how to translate the S-Docs user interface for your Salesforce users, including generating, editing, and emailing documents.

Extended Demo with Q & A


An overview demo of S-Docs discussing app architecture, product capabilities, and UI.

Feature Spotlights

What Is S-Docs?


S-Docs is a 100% native document generation and e-signature solution for Salesforce. We help your business save time, reduce errors, and improve productivity through automated document workflows.

What Is S-Sign?


S-Sign is a 100% native e-signature solution for Salesforce that simplifies the agreement execution process. S-Sign pairs with S-Docs to simplify your entire document workflows.

Generate A Document


See how easy it is to generate a document with S-Docs from any record in Salesforce.

Live Edit


Allow users to edit any document after it generates with the Live Edit feature.

Runtime Prompts


S-Docs Runtime Prompts allow you to set up prompts for users to respond to, and then merge their input into your documents.

Conditional Logic


Conditional logic lets you show or hide data in your documents based on your custom business rules.

Create A Template


Learn how to create a new S-Docs template in 30 seconds.



Upload any PDF to the S-Docs template editor and drag & drop merge fields. It's that easy!

S-Docs Mobile


Generate documents from your phone or tablet using S-Docs with the Salesforce mobile app.



Learn how zero-click document automation can help you be more efficient.

What Are 100% Native Apps?


S-Docs is 100% native to Salesforce - find out what that means in this short overview.

Mass Merge


Generate large numbers of documents and emails in seconds with the S-Docs Mass Merge feature.

Component Templates


Component templates allow you to nest templates within other templates. See what component templates can do for your workflows.

Email Templates


Use S-Docs to create stunning HTML email templates directly within Salesforce that look great and save time.



Generating documents in one click is as easy click!

Template Library


Use our library of prebuilt templates to start generating documents in minutes - or spark your own ideas for template creation!

Custom Objects


S-Docs works with all standard and custom Salesforce objects - so you can work how your organization works.

Template Editor


See how easy it is to build data-driven documents in Salesforce with S-Docs.


[Webinar] Work Smarter with Dynamic Documents


In this webinar from Thursday, July 28th, 2022, our Senior Solutions Engineer walks you through how to save time, deliver personalized experiences, and even increase compliance by allowing users to generate documents that automatically change their contents based on your business rules.

[Webinar] I Just Installed S-Docs. Now What?


New to S-Docs? In this webinar from Thursday, July 14th 2022, our Senior Solutions Engineer walks you through the first steps to getting set up for success with S-Docs.

[Webinar] 3 Ways S-Docs Helps Sales Teams Succeed


Learn about 3 different ways S-Docs can automate your sales docs and divert attention back to value-adding work.

[Webinar] All About Automation


Get time-saving tips for automated document creation and learn about the options available to you with S-Docs.

[Webinar] I Downloaded S-Docs. Now What?


New to S-Docs, or just need a refresher? In this webinar from Thursday, May 12th 2022, our Senior Solutions Engineer walks you through the first steps to getting set up for success with S-Docs.

[Webinar] Ready, Set, S-Sign Go


S-Sign Go is an all-new tool that lets you and your team upload any PDF to Salesforce and collect e-signatures via email or in person.

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