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The ONLY Native Document
Generator for Salesforce

S-Docs is an add-on that generates quotes, contracts, invoices, reports and any other document directly on Salesforce. S-Docs was developed on the platform exclusively for Salesforce with features far superior to the out-of-box capabilities. It's 100% Native - running entirely on the Salesforce Cloud, so it stands alone as the only document generator that does not rely on external servers. Therefore S-Docs is the most secure, fastest, easiest to use and most cost effective solution on the AppExchange.

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Statements
  • Account Summaries
  • Contracts
  • Newsletters
  • Invitations

More about S-Docs


Incredibly powerful - remarkably simple. One button document creation. Open your record, choose your document template and click generate - it's that simple. Documents are immediately created and automatically added.


Intelligent document storage allows you to report on document content. Flexible format options includes output to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, XML or HTML Emails. Supports a large template library that can be searched.


100% Native No third-party web services, no plug-ins, no active-x controls, and no flash files. There are no client downloads or installs. S-Docs Leverages HTML5 (so it even works on the ipad).