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Finance professionals are experts at managing risk, so when it comes to technology, they need the most dependable solutions on the market. S-Docs takes the guesswork out of financial document generation and e-signature collection. Our secure platform is easy to use and 100% native to Salesforce. We help financial and insurance firms around the world eliminate tedious tasks, reduce errors, and maintain regulatory compliance. Most importantly, S-Docs puts an end to laborious paperwork so your team can focus on more productive tasks.

The Problem with the Status Quo

Security concerns and strict regulations deter many finance and insurance companies from adopting the most innovative cloud-based solutions available today. This often results in outdated or inaccurate data, inconsistent branding, and lost time due to lagging paperwork processes.

The challenge is finding a solution that offers advanced security and functionality but is also simple to use for both team members and clients. We have built our platform with your needs in mind. S-Docs offers a specialized solution that addresses the finance industry’s specific needs.

Fast-Track Your Workflow with Automation

Automating manual tasks shrinks your checklist and allows you to devote valuable time to more meaningful endeavors. S-Docs is the most streamlined and secure financial document generation and e-signature solution. Because it is native to Salesforce, your sensitive data is processed much faster and never leaves the Salesforce cloud. This makes it easy to merge any Salesforce data into sophisticated form templates. You are able to:

  • Create and edit financial and insurance document templates
  • Manage document visibility
  • Simplify workflows and reduce errors
  • Automate agreements and collect signatures with ease
  • Map form data back to Salesforce fields
  • Maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly
  • Build client trust with robust data security

S-Docs Resources for Financial and Insurance Companies

Financial Document Generation

Digital financial forms and document templates allow your teams to focus on what really matters: the client. Impress clients with fast turnaround times and consistent communication. S-Docs makes it easy to create and use important documents like:

  • Account summaries
  • Insurance forms
  • Client Engagement Notices
  • Invoices and Client agreements

E-Signature Collection

Waiting for a signature can hold up important agreements and delay your ability to provide services to your clients. Even faxing and scanning is rarely as straightforward as it sounds. Empower your team to close deals faster with a secure, responsive, and intuitive solution. As a native Salesforce app, S-Sign requires minimal setup and virtually no integration.

Consistent Branding

Brand consistency is a sure sign of professionalism — one that clients notice. Outdated logos and obsolete messaging can hurt an organization’s reputation. Automated document generation ensures you project competence and expertise to every client, every time.

Making strategic business decisions is easier when you have the whole picture. S-Docs aggregates data from Salesforce into forms and documents, offering decision makers access to actionable insights in just one click.

Automated Client Communications

In today’s fast-paced business world, clients expect fast results. They don’t want to sit around wondering when a document will arrive. S-Docs puts you ahead of the competition by letting you set up automated processes, such as a form that is instantly sent out based on a status change in Salesforce.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

S-Docs protects the security of internal and client data above all else, simultaneously streamlining your workflow and eliminating compliance worries. With S-Docs, your data never leaves the already-approved Salesforce platform, so there is no additional risk posed to your organization. And since S-Docs is built on the Salesforce platform, it is future-compatible with any Salesforce updates.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Finance and insurance firms need partners who understand their unique needs. We have built an elegant and easy-to-use platform aimed at improving your bottom line. Notable organizations that have chosen S-Docs include:

  • Allstate
  • Ameriprise
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • And more
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Improving the Industry Standard

S-Docs is a versatile, flexible solution for any financial or insurance organization. Companies across the globe are transforming the way they do business with our platform’s user-friendly interface and one-click financial document generation capabilities. With the same look, style, and experience as Salesforce, S-Docs can be implemented with minimal downtime.

Unrivaled Document Security

As a 100% native Salesforce app, S-Docs achieves automatic compliance with all Salesforce security requirements. Since it does not rely on external serves or platforms, your data stays in one place and load times are lightning-fast. Despite being a powerful platform with versatile functionalities, S-Docs is cost-effective, easy to adopt, and simple to learn. Get started using S-Docs today.