S-Docs for Finance & Insurance

Data Security Your IT Department Can Bank On

Finance & Insurance firms must work with vendors who understand their data security needs, and protect their data above all else. The problem is that most document automation solutions simply aren’t secure enough for their needs. From concerns about data security and regulation to fears about governance and maintenance, Finance & Insurance companies are slower to adopt cloud-based solutions, and are unable to leverage some of the most innovative software available today.

S-Docs for Finance & Insurance

The Solution

With S-Docs, your data remains on the (*already-approved*) Salesforce platform, so there’s no additional risk posed to your organization. We’ve built our solution with your security needs in mind.

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S-Docs for Finance & Insurance

The Proof

S-Docs is the document automation solution-of-record for leading Finance & Insurance companies around the globe. Some of the notable organizations who have chosen S-Docs include: Freddie Mac, United Healthcare, Sul America, Allstate, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and more.

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S-Docs for Finance & Insurance

The Use Cases

Put your data to work for you on the S-Docs platform, and begin to enable your teams to quickly, easily and safely generate documents for a number of business purposes, including: Account Summaries, Plans and householding reports, Invitations, Daily Itinerary Briefs, Automated Client Communications, Regulatory and Compliance Communication, and more.