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S-Docs makes document automation simple and seamless, making it ideal for retailers and manufacturers who are dealing with increasingly complex supply chains and channels. S-Docs allows your team to shed inefficiencies and focus on what is important. Our platform supports the unique needs of any business by being 100% native to Salesforce, making it secure, lightning-fast, and easy to learn.

Eliminate Messy Manual Tasks

With complexity comes many manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks. Copying and pasting data wastes time and opens your documentation up to mistakes. S-Docs was built for speed and efficiency, with point-and-click navigation and a user-friendly interface that even novices will learn quickly - and master in no time.

By optimizing document generation your team reduces the time to create and ship documents - which keeps them focused on productive work. With a single click, empower your organization to create sophisticated documents that improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate tedious work.

Paper-free Business

The flexibility of S-Docs allows document generation and e-signatures to become more automated, streamlining workflows and cutting down on paper waste. When using S-Docs, you’re able to:

  • Simplify workflows to reduce human error
  • Design professional sales quotes
  • Create retail and manufacturing document forms
  • Manage old documents and generate new ones
  • Create and alter sophisticated document templates
  • Provide safe and secure e-signatures
  • Manage document visibility and track version history
  • Automate agreements and simplify document signature processes
  • Generate documents on the go with mobile compatibility

S-Docs for Retail and Manufacturing

S-Docs is a robust solution that flexes with the needs of your business. As the world around us changes at a fast pace, having a secure, cloud-based document generation and e-signature service you can rely on is key to staying competitive. Whether you need a retail form generated for a sales report or a manufacturing form generated for product information, S-Docs makes it easy.

  • Training manuals
  • Recruiting documents
  • Daily itinerary briefs
  • Automated communications

Easy-to-use pre-built templates means your documents are deployed faster and look more professional. S-Docs allows you to create retail or manufacturing templates like:

  • Product Information Sheets
  • Recall Notices
  • Product Orders
  • Complex Purchase Orders
  • Sales Status Reports

Dynamic Content Rendering

When your customers live in different states or countries, static documents just aren’t good enough. Dynamic content rendering allows you to create custom contracts that conditionally include different terms and conditions based on business rules, allowing you to adapt effortlessly. S-Docs makes it easy to create living, breathing documents, tailored to the needs of your customers.

Batch Document Generation

It is inevitable that your team will need to create lots of retail or manufacturing forms all at once. Make their lives easier with S-Docs document generation solutions that support batch processing. From PDF to XLSX, your manufacturing or retail forms can be generated in bulk in the format you need.

Fast E-Signature Integration

E-signatures close deals faster. Reduce bottlenecks with integrated document signatures for your retail or manufacturing forms. With a simple button click, native solutions like S-Sign will send signature requests faster, since they process everything directly inside of Salesforce. Stakeholders can sign immediately - no waiting, printing or scanning needed. With an easy e-sign process, you will impress your clients, close deals faster and cut down on unnecessary steps.

Work on the Go

More and more work is being done outside the office. Work from anywhere is here to stay. S-Docs mobile capabilities give you the ability to easily generate documents from your phone or tablet. Built for secure mobile use, you can quickly generate a retail sales form, get an in-person signature on your device, or build a template. No office needed.

Trusted by Leading Businesses

Businesses looking toward the future know that times are changing. Old school paper and file cabinets are inefficient and a drag on your productivity and employee moral. S-Docs is the preferred document automation and e-signature solution of leading retail and manufacturing businesses worldwide. Together we are building next-gen workflows so businesses can be more nimble. Our retail and manufacturing partners include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Dyson
  • Albert Heijn
  • Harry & David
  • LafargeHolcim
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Intuitive Functionality for Retail and Manufacturing

S-Docs empowers retail and manufacturing industries to leverage digital platforms so that manual paperwork and inefficiency is a thing of the past. With just a single click your teams can easily, safely, and quickly generate documents so they can avoid downtime and keep moving.

The Digital Future

Digital solutions are no longer a luxury. Now they are essential for nearly every type of business. S-Docs provides a framework to supercharge your business and save money. S-Docs is a powerful tool for your digital future. With robust functionality, it has an added benefit of being built on the Salesforce platform. Being native to Salesforce allows S-Docs to be automatically secure and fast. S-Docs doesn’t rely on external servers or platforms so client data never leaves Salesforce, giving our customers a security advantage. With world-class support, S-Docs is the first choice of major retail and manufacturing businesses for their digital document needs.