S-Docs Privacy Policy

Effective June 2023

1. Introduction

At S-Docs, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of security and transparency. This privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) will go over the policies of S-Docs, Inc. (“S-Docs,” “we,” “us,” “our”) regarding the collection, usage, disclosure, and other forms of processing of your Personal Data (“Personal Data”) that you may provide to us by using our website. It will also go over your rights regarding the Personal Data that we collect and process. This Privacy Statement applies to anyone using our website where this Privacy Statement is linked.

S-Docs Inc. is a “data controller” responsible for controlling the processing of your Personal Data as it pertains to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and its member states and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of the State of California. Your Personal Data will only be used by us in compliance with applicable laws.

Please read this Privacy Statement carefully to ensure that you understand how we use your Personal Data and your rights surrounding our use of your Personal Data.

2. Personal Data We Collect And How We Collect It

S-Docs processes Personal Data that is collected from our website in two ways: information that you provide to us directly, and information collected through the use of cookies. You may also supply us with Personal Data when you visit branded social media pages; receive communication from us or otherwise communicate with; or register for, attend or take part in our events, webinars, programs, or training.

2.1 Information You Provide To Us

If you visit the S-Docs website and fill out a form (such as a “Contact Us” form or Order form), we may collect and process the following types of information:

  • Personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, and country;
  • Company data such as the name, size, and location of your organization, as well as your role within your organization;
  • Salesforce-specific data such as your organization’s Salesforce org ID, Salesforce org name, and the number of Salesforce licenses that your organization possesses;
  • Additional information you provide us in free text areas like the “Additional Comments” section of a form.

2.2 Information Collected Through Cookies

When you visit the S-Docs website, we may also receive information associated with you and/or your devices through the use of cookies. Cookies are small files placed on your computer automatically when you visit a website. S-Docs employs various cookies from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, HubSpot, and LinkedIn. Some cookies are session-based; they exist only during a single session and disappear from your device when you close your browser or turn off the device. Persistent cookies remain on your device after you close your browser or turn off your device. You may change the cookies on your device, but choosing to disable cookies on your device may limit your ability to use some features of our services. The types of information collected by us through the use of cookies may include:

  • Unique identifiers such as your IP address, advertising IDs, and cookie IDs;
  • Information about how you access our website such as your device type and search queries;
  • Information about your activity on our website, including what content you view, time spent on various pages, and what links you click on.

For more information on how we use data collected through cookies, please see the next section of this Privacy Statement, “How and Why We Use Your Personal Data.” For information about Google Analytics cookies, please click here. For information about disabling cookies and other online tracking technologies, please see the “Your Rights” section of this Privacy Statement.

2.3 Behavioral Advertising and Opt-Out Options.

S-Docs may place or read cookies on your device when you utilize the services for the purpose of serving you targeted advertising. S-Docs uses the Google Analytics Advertising Feature to create remarketing audiences based on specific behavior, demographics, and interest data and shares those lists with Google Ads. Additionally, S-Docs uses demographic and interest data from your Google Analytics reports and creates Segments based on demographic and interest data. You can opt-out from the collection of non-essential device data on your web browser, however, doing so may make decrease the functionality of the services. Users can opt out through this Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser.

3. How and Why We Use Your Personal Data

S-Docs uses your Personal Data for the purposes described below.

3.1 How We Use Personal Data You Provide To Us

S-Docs uses the Personal Data that you provide to us directly for the following purposes:

  • Process your order requests and respond to sales or partner inquiries;
  • Provide support to you and respond to questions or concerns;
  • Identify customer opportunities;
  • Send various marketing communications and provide you with content that you request such as whitepapers or ebooks.

3.2 How We Use Information Collected Through Cookies

S-Docs uses information collected from cookies for the following purposes:

  • Develop and improve our website and services by analyzing aggregate data about website activity;
  • Maintain the security of our website by monitoring usage data and ensuring no activities are taking place that may violate this Privacy Statement;
  • Retargeting Advertising: S-Docs uses Google Analytics cookies to detect if you’ve shown interest in our website and to display advertising materials across different sites that you visit, based on past visits to our website, to improve your browsing experience, or to select which materials and information S-Docs sends to customers, prospective customers, visitors, and conference attendees. To learn how to opt-out of retargeting advertising, please see the “Your Rights” section of this Privacy Statement;
  • Analyze and track the performance of various marketing campaigns;
  • Comply with legal obligations if required by applicable laws or regulations.

3.3 Legal Basis For Processing Your Personal Data

S-Docs collects and processes your Personal Data for the reasons described within this Privacy Statement on the following legal bases:

  • Performance of a ContractIf you are a prospective or current customer of S-Docs and request items like order forms or product support on our website, we must process your Personal Data in order to execute and uphold our contract with you, including completing activities such as sending invoices or support-related emails;
  • Given Consent: We collect and process your Personal Data for certain purposes if you have given consent for us to do so for those specific purposes. You can withdraw consent at any time;
  • Legitimate Interest: We collect and process your Personal Data for the purposes of our legitimate interests such as identifying customer opportunities, sending marketing communications, displaying personalized advertising materials, and improving the security and functionality of our website;
  • Legal Requirements: We may collect, process, and disclose your Personal Data in cooperation with government authorities and when required by applicable laws, as well as when necessary to substantiate legal claims and defend against lawsuits.

4. Who Do We Share Your Data With?

As is true with any business, S-Docs uses third-party service providers to assist with our operations, including software such as marketing automation and customer relationship management. These service providers may assist with the processing of your Personal Data when necessary and applicable to the legal bases provided above; S-Docs takes measures to ensure that data processed by our service providers is in compliance with applicable laws and our contract with them.

S-Docs may also disclose your Personal Data to professional advisors, consultants, or contractors that provide business services to us such as consultancy or legal counsel; S-Docs takes measures to ensure that Personal Data shared with such entities is protected and in compliance with applicable laws and our contract with them.

In the event of a fundamental corporate reorganization, such as a merger, acquisition, or dissolution, we may disclose Personal Data that we have collected to third parties involved in the aforementioned events as part of a sale of assets and as required by applicable contracts. We will notify you of any such change with prominent banners on our website and/or through email.

S-Docs may also disclose your Personal Data to applicable government authorities when required by law.

S-Docs does not sell your Personal Data to any third party.

5. Security Of Your Personal Data

S-Docs takes data security very seriously. We use technical and organizational safeguards to ensure that your Personal Data remains secure and unaffected by accidental or intentional destruction or unauthorized alteration or disclosure. Measures that we take to maintain optimum data security include storing all Personal Data on secure servers and using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on our website.

While we take extensive measures to safeguard your Personal Data, no method of data security is 100% secure. If you have questions regarding the steps we take to maintain the security of your Personal Data, please contact us using the information found in the “How To Contact Us” section of this Privacy Statement.

S-Docs will only store your Personal Data for as long as we believe it necessary to carry out the purposes for which we have collected it. When this period has ended or you’ve requested deletion of your Personal Data, S-Docs will delete your Personal Data within 60 days following the deletion request.

6. Protecting The Privacy Of Children

The S-Docs website is not directed nor marketed toward children. We do not knowingly collect information of any kind from children under the age of 16. If you are a parent or guardian, please see the “How To Contact Us” section of this Privacy Statement to learn how to contact us if you believe we have collected information from your child under the age of 16 without your consent. We will take measures to delete their information.

7. Your Rights

As a data subject, you have certain rights pertaining to your Personal Data to the extent that local data protection laws apply. Depending on the applicable laws, you have a right to the following:

  • Access your Personal Data that we have collected and learn more about how we process it;
  • Correct any mistakes in your Personal Data;
  • Restrict our processing of your Personal Data;
  • Erase or delete your Personal Data from our systems (also known as the right to be forgotten);
  • Transfer your Personal Data to another data controller (also known as the right to data portability);
  • Object to our processing of your Personal Data on the basis of our legitimate interests;
  • Restrict certain disclosures of your Personal Data to third parties;
  • Withdraw your consent at any time (when we are processing your Personal Data based on given consent);
  • Lodge a complaint (see section 7.1);
  • Notify your local privacy enforcement body if you believe your Personal Data has not been processed by us in compliance with applicable laws;
  • Not be discriminated against should you exercise your rights.

7.1 How To Exercise Your Rights

To exercise your rights as stated above, please see the “How To Contact Us” section of this Privacy Statement below in order to contact us regarding your rights. We will respond to all requests within one month.

7.2 How To Manage Or Disable Cookies

If you wish to opt out of our use of cookies, you can do so by adjusting your browser settings. However, be aware that disabling cookies on our website may impact functionality in certain areas. We have provided links here on how to disable cookies for several popular browsers. If your browser is not listed on this page, consult your browser’s support resources to learn how to disable cookies.

Learn how to set your cookie preferences for the following browsers:

To opt out of data collection by Google Analytics, download this browser extension.

8. Changes Or Updates To This Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time to reflect new business processes, legal requirements, or other changes to the way we collect and process Personal Data. The effective date of the most recent version of this Privacy Statement will always be listed at the top of this page; we encourage you to visit this page regularly for the most updated information about how we collect, process, and disclose Personal Data.

If any large updates are made that greatly change our policies, we will notify you via a conspicuous banner on our website and/or contact you directly.

Upon request, this Privacy Statement is available orally to ensure comprehension and to aid the visually impaired.

9. How To Contact Us

To contact us about your rights regarding your Personal Data or if you have questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out this form on our website
  2. Email us at security@sdocs.com
  3. Call us at 800-519-DOCS
  4. Write to us at:
    S-Docs, Inc.
    521 Fifth Ave
    New York City, NY 10175

For European Union users:

S-Docs obtains end users’ legally valid consent for the use of cookies or local storage where legally required and for the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads, as used in Google Analytics Advertising features. If any end user Personal Data is shared with a third-party, S-Docs will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the third-party complies with the above duties.