S-Sign: 100% Native E-Signature for Salesforce

Empower your team with a powerful yet easy to use e-signature solution that's purpose-built for the platform they love.

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The Power of E-Signature

The modern business world moves more rapidly than ever before, and your customers expect you to keep pace. Empower your organization with an e-signature solution that’s lightning-fast, cost-effective, intuitive and secure. S-Sign is 100% natively built on the Salesforce Platform, meaning virtually no integration and seamless setup. If you’re already working with S-Docs, S-Sign is an easy add-on solution that will enable your enterprise with an elegant e-signature solution starting today.

Why S-Sign?


S-Sign is built on the Salesforce platform, meaning it's faster & more responsive than its non-native alternatives. Create e-signature requests in seconds, & get them signed just as fast.

Ease of Use

S-Sign's sleek interface makes it remarkably easy to use, both for your employees and your customers. Impress your clients with a modern e-signature experience they'll love.


Since it's built on the Salesforce platform, S-Sign doesn't take your data outside of Salesforce. It's also compliant with all of the security regulations that Salesforce is compliant with.


S-Sign works anywhere, from desktops to mobile devices. Its extensive customization options allow you to tailor it to match any brand or business need.

S-Docs Is A Leader In Salesforce Document Generation & E-Signature

Sleek, Elegant Design

Incredibly Simple.

Remarkably Powerful.

Extraordinarily Secure.

Draw your signature or type your name
Close deals online or in person

Built for Any Use Case

Automation Options

Sign In Person On Virtually Any Device

Capture multiple types of data

Write data back to Salesforce fields

Run Salesforce validation rules on your documents

Customizable signer profiles

Customizable expiration and reminder emails

Text to Signature

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What our Customers are Saying

"Our field teams are able to hand over a mobile device in person for signature once the job has been completed. I couldn’t imagine going with any other provider."

Sean SchusterMonark Premium Appliance

"I 100% recommend this application over any other signature/document generators out there. They have a solution for everyone! Thank you S-Docs/S-Sign for being a true fit for any business."

Ryan PittmanFidelity Real Estate

"S-Docs is a great product. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and the template builder is intuitive and easy to use for both programming and non-programming people. The S-Sign feature is great too if you are looking for electronic signature functionality. Great product and great company!"

Wesley KleinCalifornia Baptist University

S-Sign Is A Trusted Solution For Organizations Around The Globe

The Importance Of Being 100% Native To Salesforce

S-Sign is one of the only e-signature solutions that is natively built on the Salesforce platform. That means it’s seamlessly integrated into the system that your teams depend on everyday, allowing it to be faster, more intuitive, and more secure. It’s also more reliable, since S-Sign doesn’t depend on external servers for uptime: if Salesforce is up and running, so is S-Sign. See how we can help your organization.

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