5 Types of Consumer Goods Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Delighting customers in the consumer goods industry requires much more than simply delivering superior products. Of course, amazing products are important, but exceptional customer experiences play a pivotal role in success. At a time when 94% of consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced by how a company treats its customers, it’s a smart business decision to streamline communication and deliver personalized services. Advances in consumer goods technology can reshape the way brands like yours engage with customers and improve the buying journey. 

What Are the New Technologies for Consumer Goods?

The consumer goods industry has already faced digital disruption, with the rise of e-commerce platforms and online retailers. Additional technologies today are reshaping the consumer goods customer journey end-to-end. Some of today’s promising new technologies include: 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI): AI has many functions, including intelligent automation and round-the-clock chatbots for customer service that are making significant strides towards enriching customer communication. 
  • Cloud-based applications: Cloud computing is the perfect ally for businesses. Consumer goods cloud platforms offer rapid implementation and predictable costs, and their quick, on-demand nature makes it easy for businesses to scale up and implement other customer support solutions like AI and machine learning. 
  • Advanced analytics: Data analytics help consumer goods companies harness valuable insights from vast pools of data, enabling them to analyze patterns, predict trends, and personalize offerings accordingly. 

Value of Consumer Goods Technology in Customer Communication

Leaders in the consumer goods industry estimate that technology budgets will grow by 34% over the next three years. In addition, 81% of customers expect faster customer service as a result of advances in technology. Consumer goods software allows your company to meet these expectations by personalizing customer experiences and creating targeted communications built around customer preferences. 

You can also benefit from automation tools which save time and resources while elevating efficiency. You no longer have to drown in manual processes and repetitive tasks. Instead, you can focus on what truly matters — the customers.

5 Consumer Goods Technologies That Will Delight Your Customers

Several technologies can significantly enhance your customer satisfaction so they keep coming back for your products and services. 

Consumer Goods Technology #1: Automated Paperwork

Automated paperwork reduces the time spent on monotonous administrative tasks. Document automation technology provides digital templates and auto-fill features that cut down on paper documents and improve efficiency. Opt for a system that integrates with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce so you can merge data and pre-fill fields in documents to create personalized communication with minimal effort. This frees up you and your employees to focus on high-value, customer-centric tasks while increasing overall engagement and productivity.

Consumer Goods Technology #2: Multi-Language Templates

As your consumer goods company expands its global footprint, the ability to communicate in multiple languages becomes essential. Multi-language templates integrated with your CRM help you engage customers from different regions by allowing you to create product descriptions, marketing materials, and customer support documents in various languages with the click of a button, without the need for extensive outsourced translation efforts.

Consumer Goods Technology #3: E-Commerce Portal Integration

E-commerce portal integration connects your company's internal systems with various online marketplaces, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products. These systems work by synchronizing data from your website with your warehouse and distribution processes. E-commerce portals remember users and display content unique to them, creating a unique, personalized shopping experience for each customer. In addition, portals enable real-time inventory management, order tracking, and streamlined payment processes, ultimately reducing friction in the customer's buying journey and strengthening their trust in your organization.

Consumer Goods Technology #4: Fast, Personalized Customer Communication

Customers appreciate fast and personalized communication. Advanced CRM systems equipped with machine learning algorithms can analyze your customer data to provide personalized recommendations and targeted promotions. Additionally, these systems enable efficient tracking of customer interactions so you can address concerns promptly and efficiently.

Consumer Goods Technology #5: Compliance Automation

Compliance is a critical aspect of the consumer goods industry, where standards can vary by product or region. You may have reporting requirements that dictate how you handle materials, label packages, ship goods, or address complaints. 

Compliance automation technology makes it easier to adhere to these regulations and ensures that your products meet all required standards. By automating compliance checks and processes like email notifications or compliance document generation, you can mitigate risk, avoid costly fines, and maintain a positive brand image. 

Create Happy Customers with S-Docs Document Automation

The above-mentioned technologies play significant roles in improving the customer experience within your organization. Tie them all together with S-Docs, a document automation and e-signature platform, and your consumer goods company will be empowered to create, deliver, and manage documents efficiently — creating lasting positive experiences with your customers.

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