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S-Docs is a document workflow solution trusted by global enterprises to help improve the customer experience, increase sales, reduce operational costs, and maintain compliance with growing data residency requirements.

What Can S-Docs Do For Me?

What We Do

S-Docs streamlines your document workflows in Salesforce so you can focus on your most valuable tasks. We can help you leverage your customer data to get the most out of your Salesforce investement.

Improve Customer Service

Create any type of customer correspondence in one or fewer clicks - customized data is merged in and ready to go right away. You'll deliver great experiences and drive customer loyalty.

Streamline Sales

Quotes, invoices, renewal agreements - we handle it all. Create, e-sign, and track data-driven sales documents in seconds so your team can focus on selling.

Simplify Reporting

Instantly create reports for any record in Salesforce or data aggregated across your org for team meetings, performance reviews, and more.

...and much, much more - but we offer one benefit you won't find anywhere else.

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S-Docs Is 100% Native to Salesforce

S-Docs is built entirely on the Salesforce platform. That means it’s seamlessly integrated into the system that your teams depend on everyday, allowing you to deliver documents faster through a platform you trust.

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Data Security Is On Us

S-Docs operates entirely within the Salesforce cloud. Your data is never sent for external processing - meaning compliance and data residency are taken care of. If you trust Salesforce, you trust us.

We Reduce Your Downtime - In More Ways Than One

S-Docs leverages the power of Salesforce for superior performance - if Salesforce is up and running, so are we. Generate thousands of data-driven documents per hour and never miss a beat.

Processing Fit For The Lightning Platform

Take productivity to the next level. Since all processing occurs within the Salesforce cloud, S-Docs delivers your documents at a lightning-fast pace. Stop waiting around and start exceeding expectations.

Easier to Use

S-Docs mirrors the look and feel of Salesforce, meaning you'll learn our system in no time and get to market faster. And as you scale, S-Docs blends naturally with your Salesforce workflows.

Who We Work With

S-Docs solves document workflow inefficiencies for organizations around the globe in nearly every industry.


Top 1%

Because of the unique benefits it offers over less equipped alternatives, S-Docs is in the top 1% of all AppExchange apps - and climbing.

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