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S-Docs Document Generation

Use Cases

Communication to patients, prescribers, pharmacies
Fax system integration


This healthcare patient support service company provides industry-leading patient support services to individual patients and life sciences companies. As a full-service pharmacy, it specializes in complex medication management to make treating difficult conditions as simple, safe, and effective as possible. It also provides technology platforms to other healthcare businesses to streamline their entire care processes.

The Challenge

This patient support services company uses Salesforce to architect and maintain patient care hubs for their many life sciences customers. The hubs serve to operationalize medication management from the time a prescription is written through ongoing adherence to a medication plan.

Sending communications from these hubs, however, was a slow and tricky process. Patient care managers used Salesforce Mail Merge to create letters like financial assistance approvals or program enrollment notifications. This tedious workflow required designing templates in Microsoft Word, completing a mail merge, then downloading, printing, and faxing their communications. Any mistakes made along the way required starting over, making the process inflexible and inefficient.

Furthermore, these letters often contained protected health information (PHI), meaning that finding a better solution for document creation and distribution while staying HIPAA compliant would be difficult. This company needed to protect their customers’ PHI above all else.

The Solution

This patient support services company solved their communication management challenges with the help of S-Docs 100% native document generation for Salesforce. Their customers are now able to instantly generate professional letters and emails to send to patients, healthcare providers, or pharmacies - without worrying about data security or HIPAA compliance.

As a solution built on the Salesforce platform, S-Docs protects PHI by generating and delivering all documents within the already-approved Salesforce cloud. While other solutions process data externally, S-Docs never sends information outside of Salesforce.

To make things even easier, the company also integrated S-Docs into their Salesforce fax application. Care managers can now choose a fax recipient to view and fax the correct document generated by S-Docs. Whatever communications their customers require, S-Docs is able to deliver them quickly and securely.

The Impact

With S-Docs handling efficient communications, this healthcare patient support services company is able to save their customers 10-20 hours per week. The time back allows care managers to provide better care to their patients, and enables the business to continue being a trusted partner to those they serve.

“There are several vendors out there that do what we do, but none of them do it quite like us. S-Docs has been huge in setting us apart and building upon the value that we provide to our customers.”

-Director of CRM Systems