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3 Solutions Modernizing the Public Sector

Have you ever wondered what’s trending in government tech? The truth is the government oversees initiatives that have a significant impact on our daily lives, so it’s important to know how they’re moving us all forward. Of course, this question becomes very important if you work in government.

More often than not, the government has a reputation for being on the tail end of technology trends. And in a world where more and more of us choose digital solutions over the alternative, government entities are starting to pay attention to these trends so they can keep up with the tech-friendly constituents they represent.

Just like most businesses have to overcome challenges when modernizing their technology, government entities do too. However, the challenges they face are very unique. If you work for a government entity, you know there are more hoops to jump through and protocols in place than private companies. Upgrading technology can be a big overhaul and budgets are usually more limited and harder to stretch.

Even with these challenges, if you are a government entity, it’s imperative you modernize because of your responsibility to the public. Citizens rely on you to provide, protect, lead and create a path toward the future. Without forward-thinking technology solutions in place, government entities default on your most important role: serving your constituency.

We recommend starting with three key solutions that have high-ROI.

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Solution #1: More collaboration, more progress

Often when dealing with multiple government agencies, there can be a breakdown in communication and process that can create a siloed feeling among organizations. You want to work together to get things done, but working in different platforms and systems make collaboration difficult

It just so happens project management apps and software that work across organizations and agencies are making a name for themselves in the industry. Smartsheet Gov, for example, offers secure sharing and fast user adoption and gives government entities a way to work together through one platform. With collaborative software like Smartsheet Gov, silos are being eliminated as agencies operate together and create workflows that are streamlined. All of this helps more projects get completed in less time.

Solution #2: Taking documents and signatures digital

When you hear the word digitization, you probably associate it with negative risks like data breaches and losing control of sensitive information. For government entities, you know there are strict regulations dictating how you must keep files longer than most people realize. If you neglect to digitize and store documents correctly, you open yourself up to the risk of lost data.

Thankfully innovative software solutions exist that eliminate the risk of storing paper documents and instead secure documents in the cloud. With modern technology trends like e-signature and document generation apps, government orgs can rely on this software, knowing full well that their information is being kept secure.

If you’re using Salesforce, our document generation solution S-Docs is native, meaning it works within the Salesforce environment and data does not leave the cloud, an added security benefit. It’s trusted by many public sector organizations such as The VA, Oregon Health, New South Whales Government and many more.

Solution #3: Putting customers first, always

Constituents are essentially customers, and deserve a first-class customer experience when they work with government agencies. Likewise, new business leads and contracts should be treated the same, with top-notch service and onboarding procedures that are seamless. Sometimes, the back and forth of emails, paperwork, signatures and tasks can feel inefficient. And that’s the furthest thing from modern.

Instead, implementing a task management software creates a more professional onboarding experience for customers. Popular task management software TaskRay, for example, allows agencies to track the progress of contracts and projects and keep onboarding on schedule. TaskRay improves handoffs, adjusts schedules and helps government agencies maximize their efficiency and deliver on time.

So if you are a government agency, how are you using innovative technology trends to modernize your office? Rather than falling behind the curve and letting outdated legacy systems and inefficient workflows hold you back, take advantage of the software solutions mentioned above (as well as others not mentioned here) to stay ahead of the game. The public sector is in a unique position to build a path toward the future, more so than many other industries. To get there, all they need to do is look to the innovative solutions that are paving the way.

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