Here at S-Docs, we are a business built on creating and selling. It’s quite common for people to ask us which Salesforce apps we suggest. So, we put together a list of our top five best Salesforce apps. Not only do we think they’re helpful for others, but we actively use them on a daily basis.

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5 best Salesforce apps you should install now


Integrate your Salesforce CRM to your communication platform. Slack is used across a number of different industries and thousands of different companies. So this suggestion is probably nothing new. We recommend using the Salesforce Integration within Slack. Installing this simple integration allows you to search Salesforce from Slack, send messages from Chatter to linked Slack channels and vice versa.

Conversica: Sales Intelligence

Optimize sales productivity with AI. This AI-based app helps chase down leads and accelerates the sales process by moving them down the funnel, while also engaging with customers at every point. Essentially, it does the tireless job of tracking down leads for your sales team. Once Conversica has determined that the customer is ready to move forward, that’s when your team takes over.

TaskRayProject Management

Automate project management to make customer onboarding more efficient. Mentioned in this six-best Apps review from Salesforce, TaskRay is no stranger to top lists and for good reason. This native app to Salesforce helps streamline project management by onboarding customers quickly and efficiently.

OwnBackup: IT Management

Automate backup, disaster recovery, compliance and security management. Mentioned in this six-best Apps review from Salesforce. The cloud is trusted to hold everything without fail. But, things happen–like hackers, user error, etc. With something as important as business records, you want to make sure everything is safe. OwnBackup is a safety net that secures critical Salesforce data for your business.

S-Docs: Document Generation

Of course, we had to throw S-Docs onto the list, because it is an app you should be using. It’s a native document generating app that integrates seamlessly within Salesforce so your data never leaves the cloud. Your information stays secure, has the same look and feel as Salesforce, and you can easily build documents.

Having the best tools at your fingertips is a necessity when running your business and putting yourself at every advantage possible over your competitors. Equipping your team with the best Salesforce apps will help set you on a promising path toward achieving your goals.

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