There’s one human function crucial to our livelihood that is often underestimated – a healthy amount of sleep. Oh yes, maintaining a decent dose of z’s is just about as important to sustaining our health as any other basic human need. And sleep benefits us in more ways than one because when we’re fast asleep, our bodies work to retain information, process memories and repair tissue. And when we wake up, we feel rested and rejuvenated.

Unfortunately for most of us, getting a good amount of sleep is often placed on the back burner. Much like the way sleep benefits our health, so do efficient business functions benefit company health. Often we back-burner efficient business functions the same way we do sleep.

Case in point, document creation apps make business more efficient, yet they can easily be overlooked or neglected.

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Three Ways Document Creation Apps Are As Important As Sleep

Document Creation Apps Improve Efficiency

If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, you’ve likely experienced how lack of sleep affects your productivity the following day. You feel slow, groggy and one step behind the curve. Just like that feeling, the inefficient process of creating custom documents in Salesforce feels the same way. It’s slow and frustrating, especially when you have to navigate between multiple platforms. By using a document creation app like S-Docs, which is natively built on the platform, templates are easily customizable and accessible with the click of a button without ever leaving Salesforce. Just like waking up after a full eight-hour night of sleep, document creation apps keep you from feeling unprepared or inefficient and help create a more productive, healthy team.

Document Creations Apps Leave Less Room for Error

Without a healthy amount of sleep every night, our brains don’t have time to process information and transfer experiences to memory, which usually results in our forgetfulness and making silly mistakes. Similar to how these mistakes are a side-effect from lack of sleep, manually updating large documents between multiple teams can lead to side-effects like input errors and inconsistencies. Document creation apps can prevent these side-effects with automation technology that merges data seamlessly so no information gets lost, no matter how many teams handle it.

Document Creation Apps Keep You From Going Through the Motions

Lack of sleep can put you in a zombie-like state — you feel like you’re going through the motions, which makes work feel tedious. Your team can often fall into this same routine, completing tasks no matter how tedious they are because that’s how things have always been done. One routine task that could turn very tedious is creating contracts for customers by copying and pasting information, an exercise that feels like it’s twelve steps long. But these twelve steps could turn into two steps by using a document creation app to generate a simple, custom contract. What’s more, the data would never leave the Salesforce platform with a natively built app like S-Docs, so it would be more secure than other non-native options.

In case you’re new to document creation apps, their benefits go far beyond those listed above. But to put things simply, document creation apps empower your team to work faster and more efficiently within Salesforce. And just like a full night of sleep sets you up for success, so does a document creation app.

And it’s possible that once you’re using one, and it starts doing the work for you, you can get more sleep – it’s a win-win, really.

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