What’s better than being recognized at work? Few things make us feel more validated than receiving a shout-out from our boss or being taken to lunch for our contributions. And with today’s focus on working efficiently, it’s a wonder that no recognition or award exists for identifying better, faster ways of doing things – that we know of at least.

The last thing any team needs to jam up productivity is an overload of documents they need to create manually. Fortunately, innovative technology is readily available to help organize your team’s workflow processes.

We’ve identified three documents that can be easily automated - featuring examples from industry leaders Panasonic, Nestle, and Philips to help create faster, more efficient teams. By utilizing a document generation app, you will save your team time and headache not to mention reduce manual tasks, save money, and eliminate wasted effort. And who knows, your team may just thank you for the time and money saved and give you an award, throw you a party or buy you a drink!

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