How Automated Healthcare Payer Solutions Deliver Exceptional Value

Good quality healthcare is patient-centered and timely. When insurance providers streamline processes like policy renewals and filing claims, it lets you spend more time on high-value tasks, increase productivity, and drive more value for your customers. Ultimately, this improves retention and reputation and increases revenue while reducing costs. The system has come a long way from a few decades ago, but there’s still more that can be done.

The Burden of Manual Healthcare Claims Processing Workflows

Even today, many insurance claims are still paper-based or use electronic forms that patients must fill out by hand. Either way, someone has to go through these claims manually. That takes a lot of time and there are plenty of opportunities for errors when manually entering data, verifying eligibility, and processing claims. Even worse, a manual healthcare claims processing workflow delays payments and strains payer-provider relationships, which is not something you want in a hyper-competitive market.

Why Consider Automated Healthcare Payer Solutions?

The obvious solution is to take manual processing out of the equation and bring in true automation. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you can automate repetitive and rule-based tasks, enabling faster and more accurate claim processing, and making both your employees and customers happier (Who doesn’t love happier customers?). Document automation technology also gives you data and insights in real time, so you can make informed decisions to improve your overall operational performance.

Key Benefits of Effective Automated Healthcare Payer Solutions 

When your manual processes are still getting the job done (sort of), is it even worth the effort to implement automated healthcare payer solutions? Spoiler alert: Yes, it is! Here’s why:


Your customers expect personalized communications, and document automation lets you deliver. From policy documents to explanations of benefits (EOBs), personalized documents increase customer engagement and satisfaction. What’s more, by automating document personalization, you ensure consistency of information and reduce the chances of errors and misunderstandings.

Accuracy and Reliability

Switching to intelligent document automation healthcare payer solutions improves your accuracy and reliability. By eliminating manual data entry, automated solutions pull data straight from a single source of truth and minimize the chances of errors and inconsistencies in claim processing (phew!). Automation can validate data and verification, ensuring that only accurate and valid information is processed, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims. This improves your operational efficiency while helping your company maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.


Did you know that 61% of customers would rather use self-service for simple operations? Automated healthcare payer solutions let you offer self-service solutions, empowering customers to access and manage their insurance information on-demand, through secure online portals. Customers can view their policy details, track claims, and access important documents. Self-service capabilities save money and reduce the administrative burden on your employees, freeing them up for other projects. 

Streamlined Policy Renewals

Make policy renewals hassle-free for your customers with automated reminders, notifications, and document generation. Document automation ensures that all necessary documents, like policy renewal letters and updated policy documents, are generated accurately and delivered on time while capturing e-signatures to seal the deal. This improves customer retention while streamlining your employees’ administrative workload.

Better Service

Put it all together, and automated healthcare payer solutions allow you to deliver better customer service. By automating healthcare claims processing workflows, employees can process claims faster and you’ll gain real-time data insights that help you identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions for process improvement. This lets employees focus on providing value to customers, instead of on data entry and paperwork. 

Healthcare Payer Automation in Action 

When the largest health insurance provider in its state needed to improve its renewal processes, it faced several problems. Its digital document system didn’t support customization, the documents took too long to generate, and couldn’t be electronically signed. The company had to print documents, get them physically signed, and store them in filing cabinets. From start to finish, this manual process took too much time and kept the company from scaling up.

The health insurance provider switched to S-Docs and S-Sign e-signature. This move allowed the company to switch from paper documents and wet signatures to a completely automated process. Because S-Docs keeps information inside of the secure Salesforce environment, bulk document processing went from days to mere minutes. Documents generated in Salesforce are fast, accurate, and secure. And with e-signatures, members now have a seamless process for renewing services anytime, anywhere.

The insurance company’s switch to 100% digital document generation with the S-Docs and Salesforce healthcare payer solutions also resulted in a spike in productivity, with sales reps now spending their time selling, not processing papers.

Implementing Healthcare Payer Automation with Salesforce and S-Docs

You can see these benefits from healthcare payer automation when you combine a comprehensive platform like Salesforce with a 100% native document automation solution like S-Docs. Your insurance company can use S-Docs and Salesforce to automate its entire document lifecycle (you heard that right), from generating personalized documents to securely collecting electronic signatures and delivering the final package to customers. 

By leveraging comprehensive Salesforce and S-Docs solutions, you can implement healthcare payer automation efficiently and see the benefits of improved processes and customer experience.

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