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When was the last time you learned a new skill, tried out a new hobby, attempted to use a new technology or all of the above? Undoubtedly, it was challenging. Learning new ways of doing things, especially when we’re used to doing things our own way, can be hard. But we all know that change, no matter how hard to swallow, is inevitable and often brings new opportunity and efficiency.

We hear you, no one likes change

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before. Your company implements new software and expects everyone to get on board. However, you already have a process that is familiar and functions well.

Thoughts like these are racing through your head.

“Why is this necessary?”
“It takes too long to learn a new workflow, so is it really that productive?”
“The process I have in place already works for me, so  why do I need to change it?”

Although these questions are valid, they keep us from seeing the bigger picture. Embracing change in the workplace and adopting new technology can have long-lasting benefits.

How change can improve your workflow

When popular CRM Salesforce came on the scene in 1999, it was innovative. However, there was still plenty of pushback and reasons not to move to the cloud. The same is true for any software. For example, let’s consider document automation software. If you’ve been manually creating your sales invoices the same way for as long as you can remember, you may not realize how much an innovative document automation app will improve your workflow.

You may feel that the following workflow is simple, especially if you’ve been following it for a long time:

  1. First, you create a report in Salesforce to pull the data you need
  2. Then, you export to Excel/Word
  3. Next, you manually manipulate your data
  4. Finally, you create your own template to plug the data into where it needs to go 

The problem with manual processes, though, is that they are tedious and often leave room for errors. But just because you’ve grown accustomed to this process does not make it easily replicated, efficient or flexible.

Embracing change in your workplace means being open to improving your workflow. Document automation software eliminates the manual steps you take in Salesforce and streamlines your workflow. In fact, our native document automation solution S-Docs is malleable, offering a template library of standard documents that you can download, try out, modify and use. By adopting a document automation software, you’ll improve your workflow in several ways, such as:

  1. You’ll get your time back, letting you focus on aspects of your work you couldn’t before
  2. Work proactively to get ahead rather than doing tedious reactive tasks that only achieve the minimum
  3. Branding remains consistent across documents, saving you from sending outdated or off brand documents to clients
  4.  Cross-functional team collaboration improves and increases turn-around times
  5. Fewer errors/typos
  6. Affect all areas of business from finance to sales to employee onboarding by making all your workflows more streamlined and easy to use 

With change comes new opportunities

Although implementing document automation into your workflow can have a learning curve, it solves more problems than it causes. Who knows, your innovation could inspire similar departments to get rid of their tedious, manual processes in Salesforce and embrace change as well. And before you know it, the whole business is running more efficiently.

Embracing change in the workplace with document automation brings new experiences and opportunities. It can even win you some bonus points and impress your boss. So what do you say, is it time to be the change in your workplace?

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