A Cosmetics Manufacturer Scales Personalized Communications

Discover how a multinational cosmetics manufacturer elevated its customer service experience by streamlining and personalizing communication processes with S-Docs.


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This multinational cosmetics manufacturer creates and markets skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair products. Its diverse portfolio of 30+ brands are sold in over 150 countries worldwide through digital and retail channels.

The Challenge

With multiple brands used by a multilingual global customer base, scaling personalized communication was complex and challenging.

Lacking a way to efficiently create and distribute unique messaging for hundreds of customer inquiries, the service process was slow and customer dissatisfaction showed through increasing churn rates. It was increasingly difficult to deliver the outstanding personalized service promised to this organization's consumer base.

The Solution

By leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud and S-Docs 100% native document generation, this cosmetics manufacturer is able to scale and maintain the exceptional customer service experience that sets them apart.

Representatives are able to track inquiries in Salesforce and use S-Docs to generate letters and emails to communicate with customers in just a few clicks. Each document/email is automatically tailored to the recipient so that consumers around the globe receive personalized correspondence in their own language, customized by product and the nature of their inquiry. Customers now receive answers to their issues faster, and representatives can process many more inquiries per day.

The business is able to continue delivering the exceptional experiences their customers love, and employees are able to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.


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