A Federal Health Agency Gets Efficient Drug Approvals

Learn how S-Docs enabled this federal health agency's drug research center with electronic submissions, saving time and enhancing security in drug approval procedures.


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This multinational consulting firm's longtime partnership with a federal health agency supports initiatives aimed at improving how researchers monitor regulated medical products electronically. Architecting the Salesforce platform to support these objectives has been key throughout the partnership.

The Challenge

This federal agency's drug research center faced inefficiencies in the New Drug Application (NDA) approval process. Productivity was capped and error risk was high since applications had to be manually processed into the database. On the front end, organizations had to follow an outdated application procedure that wasn't aligned to modern industry standards.

The agency's consulting partner was tasked with reducing these operational bottlenecks. The solution had to integrate seamlessly with the research center's Salesforce instance and keep proprietary data protected at all costs.

The Solution

The consulting partner streamlined the NDA intake process with Salesforce Experience Cloud and S-Docs document generation & e-signature. Applications can now be accessed through a Salesforce Experience Cloud portal, where S-Docs enables users to generate, sign, and submit them electronically. The new procedure saves time for internal and external parties and ensures data is secure in the Salesforce cloud at all times.

Why S-Docs

This consulting agency selected S-Docs as the federal government research center's document & electronic signature solution for several critical reasons.

  1. Airtight security: S-Docs processes all data on Salesforce servers & never requires third-party connections
  2. Competitive speed to market: S-Docs is built & hosted on already-approved Salesforce servers, significantly shortening the procurement cycle
  3. Flexibility: S-Docs is purpose-built for Salesforce, meaning it works seamlessly with most Salesforce products and complex integrations, and can be easily scaled and adapted as requirements change

This partner was able to deliver a secure solution quickly with the help of Salesforce and S-Docs, moving the federal government agency closer to their goal and tightening their partnership.


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