A Health Insurer Streamlines Policy Renewals With Document Automation

Learn how S-Docs digitized renewal processes for this state's largest health insurance provider, revolutionizing workflow efficiency.


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As the largest health insurance provider in its state, this provider's mission is to deliver affordable solutions to improve the care and health of its members and communities.

The Challenge

This provider faced growing inefficiencies in its renewal processes. Renewal agreements were created through inflexible Visualforce pages, took too long to generate, and couldn’t be customized.

When it came to getting these agreements signed, paper processes were king. Documents had to be printed for signature collection and then stored in physical folders. From start to finish, the renewal process simply took too much time out of the day. Productivity was being hurt and the reliance on physical paper wasn't secure or scalable.

The team needed to find a document workflow solution that would integrate well with Salesforce, reduce the time it took for agreements to get created, signed, and stored, and lessen dependency on paper.

"We’re always finding more and more people that want to use document generation functionality. We hope to get to a point where most documents that our organization creates come from S-Docs exclusively."

The Solution

With the help of S-Docs 100% native document generation and e-signature, this health insurance provider was able to digitize their entire renewal process from start to finish.

Automated document generation cut their agreement and other bulk document processing time from days to minutes. Since S-Docs is a 100% native app, documents generate without sending information outside of Salesforce, resulting in faster generation times with no latency.

While faster agreement generation removes internal inefficiencies, the addition of S-Sign e-signatures creates a more seamless experience for the provider's members. Renewal agreements can be reviewed and signed from anywhere, anytime - and sales reps can track the entire process in Salesforce. The best part? S-Docs and S-Sign keep all data within the secure Salesforce cloud, all the time.

Finally, the team now has the flexibility to modify documents as their needs change and their business grows. The S-Docs template editor lets admins easily alter their document templates without ever leaving Salesforce.

The Impact

This health insurance provider has seen a significant spike in productivity due to the automation of their renewal process with S-Docs. Sales reps in the field can spend more time selling, and members can easily and quickly renew - when and where they want.


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