S-Docs Cuts Quote Generation Time in Half for Kramer Electronics

Using S-Docs with Salesforce helps the Kramer sales team generate quotes quickly and accurately in 90 different countries

  • 50% reduction in quote generation time
  • 90 countries supported


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Kramer has been designing and manufacturing professional audio-visual equipment for 45 years. Based in Israel, the company sells through partners and a 100-person sales team in 90 countries around the world. 

Kramer was originally family owned, but recently Fortissimo Capital Fund — one of the largest venture capital firms in Israel — acquired 60% of the company. Fortissimo has re-branded Kramer and is currently standardizing processes and integrating systems across the 400-person company. A top priority for Kramer is fully integrating Salesforce across the organization, with the goal of having all sales processes and documentation handled through the platform by 2025.

The Challenge

The need for platforms like Salesforce and S-Docs at Kramer started many years ago. Salesforce was implemented first to help automate core processes and provide a single source of truth. As adoption grew, it became apparent that the company’s sales documentation was still lacking and largely manual. The sales team would use Microsoft Word and Excel to create invoices and quotes — it was laborious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. 

In addition, when it was time for a team member to put together a customer quote, they didn’t have any easy way to look up previous purchases, pull part numbers, and insert the correct data into the document. They had to first dig up the correct spreadsheet and then copy and paste the information into the quote.

"If I have to put something in Excel, open my email, and send an attachment, rather than working out of Salesforce and using S-Docs…I would say [it takes] double the time."

Aviva Rykower, Head of Business Operations at Kramer, wanted to see all of the sales data in a central repository so Kramer’s executives could immediately get a full and accurate picture of Kramer’s sales numbers. “We want everything to be on Salesforce,” she says. “Any QBR or meeting we have, we're checking on the team's work on Salesforce.” Kramer also needed to be able to send standardized, accurate, correctly branded information to its customers in all 90 countries where it did business.

When the company was acquired by Fortissimo Capital Fund and rebranded, the need for an organization-wide tool was imminent. Kramer chose to implement S-Docs, a document generation and e-signature solution that is 100% native to Salesforce, across the company to simplify and speed the sales process while encouraging widespread Salesforce adoption.

"If you or a colleague are working with Salesforce, I would say [S-Docs] is the perfect match. One shouldn't come without the other — it's just the perfect couple.”

The Solution

S-Docs’ integration with Salesforce was a top reason Kramer decided to adopt it. It allows users to quickly and securely generate quotes and other documents directly from Salesforce in a standardized, consistently branded format. “I think that's the beauty with S-Docs,” said Rykower. “It's simply 100% integrated into [Salesforce].”

On top of that, sales reps can easily:

  • Generate quotes in various languages for customers in 90 different countries
  • Automatically adjust the contract terms to meet the requirements of each country 
  • Customize email message templates sent with each quote, including the part numbers the customer has selected
  • Add selected features for each product offering

Rykower's team can now generate quotes quickly and easily for the 67 products in the Kramer catalog without manually looking up, copying, and pasting product numbers. They don’t even have to switch applications — everything is available in one interface.

“Anything that we want with Salesforce can be done very quickly. [S-Docs is] really nicely featured. It looks nice. It works well."

In addition, the company’s branding and style is consistent across locations, divisions, and teams. Customized templates provide the sales team with the latest logo, font, and branding, fully integrated into every communication they generate. And these communications are each stored in a centralized repository, speeding up the process for the next sale to the same customer. 

“Anything that we want with Salesforce can be done very quickly,” Rykower states. “It's really nicely featured. It looks nice. It works well.”

The Impact

The Salesforce and S-Docs integration is a critical part of Kramer’s new sales and operations processes. Automating quote generation to adapt to the needs of different countries, customers, and languages saves a tremendous amount of time. 

As Rykower explains. “If I have to put something in Excel, open my email, and send an attachment, rather than working out of Salesforce and using S-Docs…I would say [it takes] double the time.” 

Standardizing documentation through S-Docs allows salespeople to spend more time focused on supporting existing customers or selling to potential new customers. It streamlines the sales process, allowing for faster and easier sales data analysis. It also ensures that the new brand is accurately represented in customer communications. 

Since S-Docs has been in place, adoption has ramped up: 60-70% of Kramer’s revenue is now running through the S-Docs + Salesforce workflow. They are on track to hit their goal of 100% by 2025. 

S-Docs also provides a host of other features like additional templates and e-signature capabilities that Kramer has not yet fully explored. They are excited to fully implement Salesforce across the company and continue to work with the S-Docs integration to become even more efficient.

“If you or a colleague are working with Salesforce, I would say [S-Docs] is the perfect match,” emphasizes Rykower. “One shouldn't come without the other — it's just the perfect couple.”

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced quote generation time by 50%
  • Increased accuracy of information and brand consistency
  • Reduced time and effort for sales data analysis
  • Increased Salesforce and S-Docs adoption, bringing it to 60-70%

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